Business Writing

Dee is an expert at honing your business writing skills. What do your readers say about the e-mails, memos, reports and other documents you send?  Are they impressed?  Bored? Frustrated? Appalled?  All of these reactions come from the words you chose and the way you use the words.  Let me help you create powerful, well written, and beneficial documents.  Call me.


One response to “Business Writing

  1. AlVerta Harty

    Hi Dee,

    I just visited your website and love your blogs. I would like to sign up for your email list if you have one.

    If you come to the San Francisco Bay area to give a presentation, I would like to attend if possible. On the other hand, I am Parliamentarian for the CA Division of the International Association of Administrative Professionals (also 2007-2008 Division President). If you come to Northern CA, specifically the Bay Area and would like to speak at a chapter educational meeting, I could introduce/recommend you to the chapter leadership. Most chapters do not have funds to pay for a professional speaker, but if you waive you speaker fee, the chapter would pay for your dinner and sell any product you might bring with you.

    Thank you for your insights and I hope to meet you in the near future.


    AlVerta Harty CPS/CAP, CAM


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