You v/ I

When you leave messages do you use “you” or “I” more often? When you send a sales, introductory, or informational e-mail, does it say “you” or “I” more often? Count them in your last e-mail or sales letter; the recommendation is a 2-1 ratio, “you/r” to “I” or “me.”

This is an example of an e-mail sent to me: “I just left you a voicemail, sorry that I missed you. I am on the customer engagement team and I consult with users on strategy so they can get the best results possible. I have a few things that I want to talk to you about in regards to your account. Please give me a call back today at my direct number below.” “I/me” = 7; “You/r” = 4. Does this invite the reader to call back? What’s in it for me? This is all about the caller. The specifics are somewhere in knowledge space…!

“I consult with users on strategy… best results possible.” And? What do “best results possible” look like? “I have a few things….” What are they and how will they help me in my business? Why do I need to call you back?

Any time you write, your readers want to know what’s in it for them, why take the time to read the information, or what actions will benefit them? Also, paint a picture for them or they’ll visualize something entirely different:” best possible?” “few things?” “strategy?”

It’s all about your readers! Here’s to you! Happy writing.


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