“No Problem”

Me: “Thank you.”
Other person: “No problem.”

How did “no problem” become the go-to response for “You’re welcome,” “my pleasure” or “anytime”?

Do you expect the person holding the door for you, the person who picks up something you dropped, or any other “courteous” jester to be a problem? I don’t.

Let’s keep “You’re welcome,” and other responsive pleasantries in our language and do away with “no problem.” It seems more of a positive response instead of a “problem.” Agree?

A young man held the door for me when I was going into the bank, “Thank you,” I said, he said, “Yes!” That seemed more suitable to “no problem.”

We have enough real “problems” in our daily lives without thinking that someone who’s being kind or courteous thinks what they did was initially a problem.


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