How much are you Contributing

How much time do you waste reading incomprehensible documents? How much is your time worth?

One of the first tasks most of us do when we get to the office is open our e-mails: what’s happened, who needs what, where do I need to be, and/or when do I need to get a report, memo, letter, etc. to someone? Then we respond or go to our Word document and start or continue writing our reports, memos, letters, briefs, etc. Reading and writing, reading and writing, reading and writing take up a majority of our time. Managers, engineers, attorneys and other highly paid workers spend approximately 85 percent of their time writing.

Are your documents written well? clearly? Are they comprehensible and concrete? Are they 100 percent error-free? It may take more time – maybe up to an extra half-an-hour – to re-read and proof what you’ve written, and it’s a savior for both your readers and your bottom line. Don’t you wish everyone who wrote policy and procedure manuals, instructions, directions and daily missives would not only write clearly and concretely but re-read and proof?

American businesses lose almost $400 billion, yes, with a “b,” annually because of sloppy and misunderstood documents. How much does your company contribute to this astronomical cost?

A study from the College Board of American found that companies spend $3.1 billion, again with a “b,” on remedial writing training – annually! $2.9 billion of that is spent on current employees, not new hires. How much do you contribute to that bottom line?

Re-read your website home page: does everyone who’s not in your industry understand what you do? Do you write what’s important for your readers? Do the instructions for your new launch of your software, your mechanical parts, your business or your product conjure up the pictures you want your readers to “see”? If not, then re-write them. Write in concrete words; words that your readers can visualize. All readers “see” something different in each document, manual, brief or letter that you write, but at least if they can “see” something it’s 10-fold better than a foggy or blank visual.

How much did the last e-mail from one of your sales reps contribute today? How much did your letter to your Board contribute? Are you losing money because your team, your manager, your staff or other writes incomprehensible documents?

When you want and need a refresher course, an intensive day or two of writing and back-to-basics let me know; I want to help you.

Stop your business from contributing to that $397 billion loss.


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