Give Your Next Presentation with E’s

“Please make this worth my time. I need to take come good tools away from this presentation.” You’ve most likely thought these thoughts when you’re about to go into a training or presentation. You want substantive information that’s beneficial and valuable to your work and you. When you’re giving the training or the presentation know that your audience members are thinking the same; they need and want tools, tips and techniques to implement – immediately.

These four E’s propel your topic and its stickiness.

  1. Educate: Address your topic with educational information. Be specific in the material’s value to your audience. Facts, figures, data, testimonials and reasons create the groundwork for your topic. Give your audience the steps to take to help gain the knowledge or habit – or both.  What tools do you want them to take away?  If they remember nothing else, what one tool is paramount for their success? Repeat the steps that will make the difference in their work. Take your time; your audience needs that time to assimilate the information. Speak slowly. Less is more; no need to give them every tidbit you’ve learned along the way.
  2. Enlighten: Why take these tools away? What will this education do to help build confidence, make more money, get better results, manage their day, give them more time, take less time…. Multiple facets of your topic will be beneficial when you explain the reasons behind the information. Tell them why the topic is important to their everyday tasks.Clarify, specify and verify your points. 
  3. Engage: Show don’t tell. Stories. Questions. Involvement. Share success and failure examples, and ask for their examples too. Ask provocative questions and repeat the answers. When audience members ask questions, repeat the question for the other audience members. Have fun PowerPoint slide quizzes – compelling visuals; these help the audience retain the information. Images stay with your audience longer than words.
  4. Entertain: You don’t have to be a “funny” person or a stand-up comic to entertain your audience. Sight a humorous personal experience that’s germane to the topic. Show funny slides. Use fun/funny props. Self-deprecating humor is a sure winner!

The four E’s are easy to implement into and empower your topic. It’s all about ease!

For more in-depth training on your next training or presentation, please contact me: or call: 303-753-1111. I’m here to help.Dee


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