Your Writing Posture

My mother continually focused on my posture; she wanted me to walk into a room with poise and to always stand up straight. As a blossoming teenager that wasn’t my focus, and now as a blossoming (?) adult it is! (Amazing how those turn of events happen when we age.)

I practice this exercise when I’m walking anywhere – the store, exercise walk, to the car, anywhere. It helps to keep her words in mind and I hope they also improve my posture when I’m not fully engaged in the mantra.

Good posture:
1. Head up
2. Shoulders back
3. Tummy in
4. Hips forward

These too can be your outline for good posture in your writing:
1. Heads up – What do you want your readers to notice? Why are you writing to them in the first place? What makes it important and read-worthy?
2. Go backproof. Did you write clearly and concretely? Did you spell and punctuate correctly; did you notice any grammatical errors that need correcting? How about your subject and verb agreement? Proofing is paramount to good writing.
3. What’s in your message that’s beneficial and of value for your reader and why do they need to take the time to read your message? Do your readers have the same knowledge, vocabulary and insight into the information that you do? If not, then explain the acronyms and internal jargon; write for the reader.
4. Going forward, sight the action do you want your readers to take if any. Did you write with a positive posture and idea in mind? Clear, concrete and comprehensive writing saves your readers and you time! It also helps alleviate any confusion; it clarifies the reason for the missive.

Good posture in your stance and your writing say more about you than you may consider.

Here’s to great writing posture. Make your mothers proud too.


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