Taking a Month Off

The last day of class before summer vacation and you could feel the excitement and anticipation from the whole school: No more classes for another three months. Yes, we had a reading list and possibly some other educational activities, but no regulation classes. We were free!

What we might not pay heed to, and I know I didn’t pay any attention to, was what we might forget in those few months that would make September’s class return a bit of a tug-a-war with our memory. When we don’t use our knowledge we tend to get rusty, whether it’s been a week, a month or the whole summer.We remember and strengthen the skills  we focus on, what we use daily, what we share and what we learn more about.

As I read some web pages, promotional materials, articles or emails I find that some of the rudimentary grammar and punctuation rules we were taught in school have been either forgotten or foggy.

Examples: 1. From a global company specializing in performance improvement: “We enable…everywhere”.  “We fulfill … ‘Achievers with heart'”.

2. From an international maintenance company:  “To find additional local websites…and the words ‘news’,‘blog’ or ‘event calendar'”.

Rule: Periods and commas stay inside quotation marks.  These sentences need correcting.

It’s summer, it’s hot, and you probably want to be on vacation, even for a week; go, have fun, refresh your soul and spirit, and remember to focus on what matters to your readers and other audiences even when you’re at the beach or camping.

Help your brand, help your team and help yourself: Stay current on the rules of grammar and punctuation. How you communicate is a major part of who wants to work with your product, your service, or you.When you press the send button you send out a neon sign that you want the readers to take notice of what you offer. If your grammar and punctuation are wrong, your readers think you don’t care, you’re sloppy or you’re ignorant; you don’t want to be any of those.

Brush up on the basics: grammar, punctuation and syntax rules. You will find the basics send out a positive communication message to clients and prospects.

Take some well-deserved time off, and keep your communication skills fresh in the interim!





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