It’s a global world and some names are harder to understand when left on voice mail. Mobile phones sometimes have a foggy reception, and names and phone numbers are hard to hear and understand.

During the political circus, I must receive 10 calls a day asking me to either go to my caucus or support a candidate. Most don’t leave a message, and some do. One person asking me to attend my caucus left an unintelligible¬†voicemail. I listened to his message three times and still couldn’t understand the phone number.

Two days ago someone left me a voicemail with a foreign sounding name and then her phone number: neither could I understand.

Three recommendations for all of us when we leave messages:

  1. Speak slowly. It takes only an extra two-three seconds to enunciate your name – maybe even spell it if necessary.
  2. Let me know what time zone you’re calling from if you’re unknown to me and want me to call you back. Times make a difference.
  3. Repeat your phone number – slowly.

Example: Hi, it’s Mishamequa Parsuruski. (Call me “Meeka.”) I can be reached at 202- 555-1674; again, 202-555-1674; I’m on the East coast.

This may sound like a bit more information than you want to leave, and it may add a few seconds on your part. The recipient though will appreciate the enunciation and the information; it saves times on his/her end and alleviates frustration.

End the aggravation of listening to a message three or more times to get the phone number and name: enunciate and repeat!

Here’s to saving time and getting a returned phone call.



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  1. Great advice! This really is critical for clear communication – especially if you have a message you hope will be heard. You’ve narrowed your already slim chances of someone getting back to you if you can’t be clear.

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