Reading List

Happy New Year.

Many of you are putting your goals down and hoping your dreams come to fruition before 2017 – or close by, great! Some of you say, “Nah, it doesn’t make any difference if I write them down.” Others don’t even consider it…!

What about your reading list for this year? If you’re like me, I have, oh, dozens of business/self-help books on my shelves. I buy them after I hear the speaker, or when they’re recommended, or when I need some expertise on the subject. Have I finished them? No! Have I even started them? One or two!

If you read all the business books in your library, where would your education level rise to this year? Even if you only read two or three and take in the information, implement the ideas and knowledge, and digest the power of their wisdom, you’d be 87 percent better than 90 percent of the adult population.

A challenge: Read all the business books in your library, no matter how many. If you don’t own any, but get them from the library, that’s a plus in your column. Can you read at least six? That’s only one every two months.

I have six sitting in front of me today, and one of my goals for this year is to read them, begin to focus on my needs and how I can then help you and others,  and of course, educate myself through the pages.

You are “this close” to a better you when you read. Begin 2016 with some mental stimulation, and garner more influence.

A few recommendations: (Oldies and goodies.)

  1. Getting Things Done, David Allen
  2. Making it Stick, Chip Heath and Dan Heath
  3. First Things First, Steven Covey

Send me a list of your top three for the next six months’ reading. Only six books in 12 months…a cinch…!

Happy New Year and happy reading.


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