Presentations for Power and Purpose: Getting the EDGE

Do you have your audiences on the edge of their seats waiting for the next piece of information?

Do you give them information that edges them closer to their goals, objectives or plans?

Do you have the edge on your competition when you present?

The E.D.G.E.:

E – Educate your audiences

D – Direct them to steps they can implement immediately

G – Grow their passion and purpose

E – Help them Evolve into a more accomplished individual

How do you educate your audiences? Listen to the next speaker at a meeting, break-out session, conference or staff meeting, what steps – if any – do/did they give you? What did/do you remember?

When you Educate your audiences you give them information they can use to help in multiple facets of their lives. Give them tools and tips to be one – or more – of the following:

  1. A better sales rep
  2. A more accomplished customer service rep
  3. A better listener
  4. A more powerful manager
  5. A more motivated employee… the list is endless.

When you went to high school and college, you had weeks of classes, discussions, ideas, homework and exams; you read books, listened to lectures and received feedback from teachers or professors and fellow students. In the business world when you give your next presentation educate your audiences about benefits and value of your topic to their future. Instead of weeks to learn invaluable information, your audiences have only minutes to grasp your points and their value; make them memorable and worth the audiences’ time.

With the tools and tips you espouse you can guide and Direct your audience with steps to take. Paint a picture of the start, the middle and the finish lines. What’s your purpose in giving them the information? You are the expert, and the audience wants to take home one or multiple steps they can implement to start and/or re-start their projects. You can help chart their course.

Each of us wants to Grow in myriad ways in our careers. Your background and wisdom can help your audiences grow faster, in new areas, with less effort, with more profound ideas, and with a new-found energy when you give them your passion and expertise. Excite the audiences’ minds with energy, and enlighten them to paths that ease their tomorrows. Highlight your mistakes and then highlight the way(s) you created a shortcut for them to avoid the same mistakes.

Communication today is overwhelming, from text messages to social media, from reports to e-mails. Your presentation can urge and encourage audiences to Evolve into a more accomplished individual through your impact on their thoughts and feelings. The messages you convey can change a person’s life, motivate him/her to change course or really charge ahead, or give them a whole new purpose in what s/he does.

As the speaker, your words have power and purpose when you add word pictures, stories, humor, energy and excitement to your topic. Bring your audiences to the edge of their seats hoping for more seeds of wisdom, enhance their day and the time they spend with you with tools and tips to edge them to the next level of achievement. When you do this, you too can have the edge over other managers, sales reps, C-level employees; you can make a positive difference in other people’s lives as well as your own.

“There are no boring subjects, only boring speakers.” (I don’t know whom to attribute this to, but I concur.)

Here’s to your EDGE.


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