Communication Starts Within

My dry cleaners’ marquee says, “Self-esteem is an inside job”: how true.

How you communicate stems from how you feel about yourself:  self-respect, self-confidence and self-motivation.  Here are the four major steps each with three minor steps, to set healthy communication goals for October and beyond:   ACTR (“actor”).

A – Awareness:

  1. What do you want and/or need to change?
  2. What do you need to get more knowledge about new behavior patterns?
  3. You always have a choice.

C – Commitment:

  1. To yourself
  2. To your future
  3. To the transition

T – Time:

  1. Change takes time – be good to and patient with yourself
  2. One habit at a time
  3. Affirm your worth daily – 50 x a day

R – Reinforcement:

  1. Consistent personal appeal to your growth
  2. Persistent use and acknowledgement of your new behaviors and thought patterns
  3. Understand the loss/addition factors

How you feel, think and believe about yourself is true.  If you think negative thoughts about yourself these thoughts manifest and attract negative energy and action.  When you believe in yourself and you affirm that your gifts, talents and insights are attributes that others need and want, then you portray those thoughts in your words and actions.  Good, positive energy attracts good, positive energy.

When you put your head on your pillow tonight think of five things you’re grateful for from today.  The myriad things: a roof over your head, a compliment from a co-worker, a smile from a stranger, safe travels, a signed contract….  Even if you think you had a wretched day, believe me, you can be grateful for five things in your day’s life.  It’s a great way to fall asleep and a smooth transition to tomorrow.

Tomorrow on your way to work or at the gym in the morning or while brushing your teeth affirm your being: I like myself; I’m a good manager; I’m healthy and fit; I’m an excellent spouse, friend, parent, partner, team member… the list goes on.  Daily affirmations help keep your thought patterns on a positive track, and they in turn help you communicate in a more positive way; that’s always a plus.

People enjoy being around positive people.

Here’s to your inside job.

Dee Dukehart runs Sandbox Communications, an international communications consulting business.  She helps individuals, teams and companies improve their business strategies and bottom line with more powerful presentations, business writing and communication.  Contact her today: * * 303-549-0045



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2 responses to “Communication Starts Within

  1. “Affirm your worth 50 x per day” Wow, how often we fall into the slump of negative self talk and forget that we truly have worth, worth even when we don’t see it in ourselves. I try to be quick to compliment others so why do I fail to give myself a compliment from time to time?

    Good stuff Dee!!!!!


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