Want, Need, Have to Have

“I want to be the top sales rep.” “I want to have a thriving business.” “I want to make a positive impression.” What skills do you need to get there? Is there anything you have to have to reach the top? For you to be the best in your industry you need to have a few items in play: 1. Commitment 2. Action 3. Skills 4. Goals 5. Incentive 6. Desire. I know more items are there, and those six are my top.

How many decisions do you make on a “gut” feeling? How often do you have a conversation with yourself on the wants v/ needs in your personal and professional life? Listen to your staff/co-workers/managers at a meeting: “We need to get our numbers up.” “We need to talk to x to get his input.” Listen to your thoughts, “I need to lose weight.” “I need to get out of this relationship.”

The commitment to either take away or build up in your personal or professional life shows up in the results. Action is paramount for your accomplishments. Skills take time, patience and commitment and action. You can either set your own goals, or your company sets them up: sales and bottom line. What’s the incentive to be the top sales rep in your department or company? What’s the incentive to lose those 10 lbs? To move forward, an incentive is a visual goal during the process, whether that process takes weeks or months or more. Finally, desire. How deep does your desire go? How committed are you to make that desire a reality? What do you need to make a dream and desire within reach or tangible?

The balance between the needs and wants often surprise me. There are times I don’t even think about my habits, I just do. There are also times I pay the price – literally. How can we balance our needs and our wants to get what we need or want in the most opportune manner? How do you separate what’s reality and what’s “impossible”?

We may want more or less of something, and to get that we need to make a commitment to ourselves: I will eat only vegetables and lean meat to lose those 10 lbs. I will take up exercise and keep it until it becomes habit. I will make an extra 10 calls today. I will study this weekend instead of going to a movie. How does that want play out to what you need to do in order to “look good,” be the top of your department, class or industry?

The want list is longer than the need list. Our lives are lived usually with our wants, not necessarily our needs. Have you ever had to live on a tight budget? Have you ever had to say “no,” when it would be more rewarding to say “yes”? But that “yes” may be less rewarding eventually. Life – personal and professional –  is an invitation and you have the options to RSVP yes or no.

The next decision you make, think twice about its need in your life, not the immediate glow of ownership or acquiescence. As we get older we want to downsize. When we move we get rid of almost half of our “treasures.” Ask yourself, “What’s my emotional attachment to this?” If there isn’t one, move on. You’d probably throw it away when you spring clean, move, downsize or get sick of looking at it or wearing it anyway. How much time do you waste in any given day or week when you could be building up your marketing plan, network, book or article? You have options.

The have-to-haves are a different category all together. We have to have food, clothing, shelter, money, love, safety, water, and whatever else for survival and peace of mind. What do you need to look your best – fitness and weight/outfits, -to be your best- at work, in your community, at home, and grow the best – tough financial and professional decision from now on. Can those wants be put in the recycle bin of desire? What do you have-to-have at work, home,or  play, for your family and friends?

Put yourself on a want v/ need spread sheet to see the balance of the two in the next 30 days. It may surprise you how much you invest in your time, project(s), portfolio or other, and how much time you throw away.




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