Clear Voice Mail Communication

How many voice mails do you leave a day? How many do you listen to?

Voice mail is a certainty and the clearer your voice and message the better for both parties. I make dozens of calls a day and some of the voice mails I listen to I:

1. Can’t understand what the person says

2. Can’t hear what the person says

3. Only get the phone number

4. Only get a message and no name

What are some of the others?

If I can’t understand you, I don’t even know if you’re the right party; the same with not hearing the voice mail. If I get only a phone number or a message with no name, then I hesitate: Am I leaving my message for the right person?

Clarity is paramount.

Listen to the messages you leave on someone’s voice mail. Do you leave all your pertinent information and repeat your phone number, slowly? Speak slowly and repeat your phone number to all the people – except close family, friends and co-workers – you want to return your call. I have listened to some voice mails three or four times trying to get the phone  number; it’s beyond frustrating.

On your business, home and/or mobile number, does your message sound professional? Are you clear about what you want the caller to do?

It takes only a few minutes to leave a clear, succinct and comprehensible voice mail. It saves the listener time and gets you your information in a timely manner – we can only hope! Be aware of the listeners’ needs: basic information and repeated phone numbers are a great beginning.

Voice mail is your initial bridge to your relationship with the other party when s/he isn’t available. It’s a great time to market your service or product, and a wonderful way to introduce yourself in an up-beat and professional way if you are introducing yourself. Even if it’s a repeat client or a second/third message, good energy and smiles can be “heard” on the other end.

1. Clarity of information

2. Slow and deliberate information

3. Good tone of voice

4. A positive message

These will go a long way and are a positive impression on the voice mail, which might be shared!

Have a great weekend, and if I were leaving you a voice mail:

Happy holidays, it’s Dee (Dukehart), I’ll be in my office after 2 this afternoon and all day tomorrow. Please call me: 303-753-1111! Thanks. I hope we connect today or tomorrow.



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