Stop what you’re doing – I know reading this post – and acknowledge five areas in your life, right now, that you’re grateful for. You have at least four or five, I know.

As of today – Wednesday – I’ve heard from four friends who shared bad and sad news. I ache for them.

1. My friend, A, is back in the hospital after a frightening episode with his new kidney. He waited five years for the kidney and got it only three months ago. Up until Sunday he was feeling great: walking three miles a day, going about life on his own, and thanking his body for accepting the new organ. Last weekend he knew something was amiss and was rushed to the hospital because his kidney was acting up. I’m waiting to hear that all is well, as I know his family and he are too. He’s 57.

2. Dear R loved, loved, loved her new red 2014 Audi. She’d visualized owning this car for over a year and finally made it happen. Friday, bang! Someone drove out in front of her and crushed the front of her car; it’s now totaled. She’s all right – thankfully – and yet her heart is heavy that the car of her dreams is now in ruins.

3. L had to fly east to take care of her mother who had a heart attack. We’re all waiting to get good news about her too.

4. P lost her biggest client and is now scrambling to find another one that will bring her the income and challenge – I relate to those! – that the one did. She’s starting from scratch. As a sole proprietor we need to keep marketing and working hand-in-hand. When we lose a client it’s a stress enhancer, believe me.

All of the above are mirrors of what goes on in “everyday life.” Each of you has something going on in your life that you wish wasn’t, and yet, it is. It could be your health, your home life, your children, your business, your love life, or myriad other happenings that most of us go through. If you focus too much on the hardships, the positive are like a fog.

What’s good about today?

Each night when I go to bed I put my head on my pillow and immediately visualize five aspects of my day that I’m grateful for. Maybe my day wasn’t the highlight of my week, but I still am grateful that I woke up healthy in mind, body and spirit; I have a roof over my head, I paid my bills, or I heard from a good friend. If it’d been a spectacular day, then a different five come to mind, though the “I woke up healthy in mind, body and spirit,” is always the first one I visualize. (Your health – mental and physical – is paramount to your personal and professional success.)

What  you focus on you manifest. If you focus on the ugly, then you bring the negative into your life and the lives of others. I spoke to a woman this morning and I couldn’t wait to get off the phone because she was so negative about everything that’d happened in her life in the past week. It’s no fun to receive those negative vibes.

Life gives us what we can handle. Be grateful for the job you have, the friends and family who love you, the thought of spring – yeah! – and other tangible and intangible areas of your life. I hope when you do – like the four or five I asked you to focus on at the beginning of this article –  you feel better. Your heart is lighter and you move into your day with a smile on your face when you’re grateful for what you have.

Happy thoughts.


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