Did you watch the Olympics? Did you see the facial expressions at the finish line? Those that knew they’d medaled and those that just missed it. One American woman skeleton racer lost a medal by .04 seconds, and was profoundly defeated. Her interview was heart wrenching: “Four, one-hundredths of a second! Four, one-hundredths of a second.” Wow. In our daily routines we rarely notice hours, much less hundreds of a second, and yet…!

What would it take for you to be a winner at work? Or are you already? What extra push do you give yourself that challenges not only your mind, but also your spirit? I sometimes think I float through a few days here, and a few there. Where is my challenge? Where are the hurtles that I can get over that then become an I-can-do-that-now accomplishment? Can you win every time, no. You don’t want to. Why? Because you need to have something valuable to strive for at home, at the office, in the community, in your hobby or at sports. What are you doing to drive your next course of action?

I became a business-strategy and presentation skills coach after I’d hired my coach. I knew that I could mentor and coach others to help them get to the next level and in so doing, help myself. I realize I learn from my clients in both training and coaching, and that’s a great strategic partnership.

Join hands with some of your teammates or even a novice at the office. Join their quest for gold, silver or bronze, and help them get past disappointment and defeat, or just another learning curve. In so doing you’ll become a winner in their eyes and you’ll feel like a winner when they succeed and flourish. Every executive, professional athlete, every Olympian and every person coming up the ladder of life needs, wants and usually has a coach or mentor.

Give your expertise to others, and not just because it’s your job. Give because it feels good. Give because you want to.

Be a winner.  As sure as I write there will be times that you’ll think, “I missed out by ‘four-one-hundredth of a second,’ but I must and will keep going.” Ask for help if need be. Winning isn’t everything, and it’s not necessarily a competition. It can be showing up and giving 100 percent of you to your team, your community, your friends and family, your favorite charity…whatever it is. 

You are a winner every day, and it’s nice to recognize that in yourself as well as from others. Mainly to recognize it in you: You are your own competition.

Here’s to medaling in life.


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