How Does Your Bathing Suit Fit?

I was talking to my niece yesterday and she bemoaned her weight gain during the holidays and l-o-n-g winter days. “I can’t put on a bathing suit looking like this…!” She’s on a diet.

How concerned are you about your appearance? How do you dress when you go to work, to a dinner party, to the theatre, to a friend’s or a client’s? What about that interview with a prospective employer or client?

What you look like outside may not be who you are on the inside, and yet, how you introduce yourself to each day makes an impression.  No matter where you work be it a micro-business or a Fortune 500 corporation, you always make an impression. It’s up to you whether it’s good or bad.

When you feel good about yourself you stand up straight – maybe taller! You want to portray a self-confidence to everyone you work with, see on the street, at the coffee shop, restaurant and/or meet. This also rings true for your work ethic.

When you are true to your value system, you look good. Looking good means not only what people initially see, but also what they witness in how you treat others, work with your team, keep promises – both personal and professional – lead others, and design your course of action.

Getting ready for spring, getting into that bathing suit so you look good is all a matter of your internal language, your commitment to the goal, your actions, and your belief in yourself and its results. The bathing suit of life is a daily outfit: making yourself look good to others and yourself.

Do your actions fit you? How do you display you to the world 

What you wear, how you wear it/them and how you express yourself through actions and outfits give you a healthy inner and outer bathing suit of life.

Communication skills are vital for a healthy work and home environment. My workshop offers tools for 1.) Good listening skills, 2.) Better self confidence, 3.) Clarifying instructions, 4.) Handling feedback, and 5.) Good presentations among others.

How do you look today? 


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