Setting 2014 Goals

Happy New Year.

As we all know, writing down your goals for the New Year is important to achieve your success. I’m pretty good about doing so, and yet…! Is anyone else at “…and yet…”? I’m tired of going down the same lackadaisical path of mediocrity and achieving only partial goals, or none at all. I’m through with “I’ll put it off until tomorrow…” and yet…. But, 2013 I did write down some goals and achieved only a few of them. What will I do differently and implement in 2014: T.I.M.E. (Yes, another T.I.M.E. blog for you. This time a healthier and happier time.)

Writing down, realizing and achieving your personal and professional goals take T.I.M.E.

T – Today. What have you done – or going to do – today that’s one step closer to realizing a goal? First step: Write them down. Have you? If not, do so now. Today’s the window to opportunity that you can’t regain once it’s gone. Capture it and nurture it for the relationship to keep building. Have you not only written down your goals, but also implemented a system to get them achieved? Write them down, look at them once or twice a day, and become accountable to yourself – no one else is on the same path – and to your successful future.

Your success may be better health: getting in shape, losing 10 lbs, quitting smoking, working out three times a week – getting into the habit of the elixir of after-the-gym or the swim or the run feeling – gaining more self-confidence, reading more, making 10 cold/warm/hot calls a day every work-day week for the next 90 days, being kinder to yourself, you family, your lover/spouse/partner, co-workers, employees, whomever. The list is endless. When you write down your goals they are a visible reminder that they can be achieved; believe in you. Respect yourself enough to be honest with the boundaries you set and the paths you walk.

A few friends of mine have “slapped me in the face” with reality: “Dee, change your behavior, thoughts, actions and you’ll find a more lucrative life pattern.” They made me realize that it’s never to late to be successful and that they care about my future, why don’t I?

It’s hard to settle into making the goals’ system work; it takes determination, commitment, work, discipline and self-confidence and respect. By second quarter you’ll have seen some positive changes when you stick to your goals. Get a buddy who’ll help you stick to them and support you; those people are truly your best friends…for life.

I – Implement. Every goal realized is because you implemented your plan and system on how to get to see them. When you implement a diet plan and stick to it, you see the results almost immediately and you celebrate not only within, but also with others; it feels so good! When you implement a sales plan and you get your first client that you thought would be out of reach, wow! Success. Once you get one, you can get two, once you get two, you can get three…and more, and more.

Implementation is key. It’s the action that counts. Stick with it! (I’m talking to myself as well here.) Once we continue on the path of not only setting goals, but also achieving them and seeing positive results, it’s a tough habit to break, and I like that.

It’s the positive impact – another “I” –  on our lives that help us keep up the momentum. Winners enjoy the T.I.M.E. and so must we.

M – Moving forward. How often do you get stagnated? Your life and career on “hold” for myriad reasons? How does that make you feel? For me, it’s a drag, and I’ve found myself in a state of neither here nor there; it’s not the best place to be. When I commit to moving forward, to following my plan, system, reading and reaching a goal, I feel better about  myself. Don’t you? I won’t put myself in a situation that’s problematic: too many and too-far- reaching goals. If you do this, you set yourself up for failure.

It’s the small things in life that make a difference. Ten phone calls, not 30. Five pounds – to begin with – not 25. Three days at the gym, not seven. How can you continually move forward and keep a smile on your face for doing so? When you accomplish one goal, move to another, and then another.

I’ve reached one goal already and it’s only the 8th day of the year. I contacted a friend of a friend hoping to at least get in the door, and low and behold, I’m in the door and they’re almost as excited about the training as I am. Cool! Reward? I’ll wait for the first day of training and then I’ll celebrate. Initially though, I’m just pleased with Dee; that’s a good start.

E – Execution. How do you execute your daily plan? How do you start your day? What matrix have you put into play that you can see? If your weight-loss system is going to the gym three days a week, do you know when the best time for you is to exercise? Did you get to the gym three times last week? Getting there this week? The same time – or close – every day works best; it becomes habit. Do you have a buddy system set up to run x times a week or month- not if you live in Chicago or Minneapolis last week! – or meet at the gym? Did you hire a trainer? What will it take to execute your daily or weekly system?

I know if I’m committed to the goal and have other people whom I accountable to, it’s an incentive to keep moving forward and executing the system. Being accountable with only myself about my goals might cause me to shirk my responsibilities. Do you recognize that behavior?

Take T.I.M.E.; start now to help propel your career, personal well-being and self-satisfaction. If not now, when? If not today, when? How do you implement, move forward and execute your system for success? I hope it’s with grace and ease, or at least with much reward, especially when you hit or exceed the number: weight loss, financial, new/renewed clients, sales figures, or whatever it takes.

I’ll be your buddy, I’ll cheer you on, if you in turn will do the same with and for me!

Here’s to us and success. Happy 2014!


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