Comfort Zone and Your “Doing C.A.P.”

 Harry Truman said, “Life is iffy.”  We enjoy ourselves more if we expose ourselves to the unfamiliar.  We become more valuable if we are growing and stretching.  Work will be more fulfilling and satisfying if we decide to be our best.  The if-only’s are endless.

Are you looking for an above-average job, salary, or life?  These honorable desires are not things you pursue; they are part of what you develop and become.  Become an above-average person.

Your Doing CAP:

Comfort Zone – We all have a tendency to stay where we are; change and stretching ourselves are scary. If you think about your comfort zone though, you realize that you had to adjust to and stretch into it when you first started the steps into that zone. You have the capacity to stretch farther and farther, make a difference, make a contribution.

Attitude – Are you open to suggestions and recommendations? Are you happy to get advice and hear about what you can do better? Maybe? Do you have a terrible time with the mundane and yet are fearful of that change because the comfort zone is “easy”? Engage in a winning attitude and your positive energy flows through all aspects of your life. A negative attitude plunges you into regression and a smaller world.

The actions you take speak volumes.

Performance – Growing your personal and professional lives make you a stronger candidate for a better tomorrow, a good role model, a great co-worker and employee, and a friend and partner for your intimate circle of influence. Every day you have the opportunity to out-do your performance, stretch that comfort zone and expand your horizons.  Once you stretch, take a risk, you’ll be rewarded with more possibilities and enlightened performance.

Take pride in you and others will follow your lead.

One of the best ways to become an above-average person is by following Mark Twain’s advice:  “Do something every day that you don’t want to do.” Ouch! The sharp arrow definitely pierces our comfort zone.  Keeping in mind that winners are people who are willing to do the things losers refuse to do – even when they don’t want to.

As you expand your comfort zone, additional opportunities appear. These new horizons broaden your potential and enhances your future: the growth process continues.

Although you may be tempted to stop and coast, don’t do it.  The comfort zone will contract once again.  Work through discomforts, adversity and temptations.

 You will become stronger.  The key is undying commitment to exceed yourself.

My “Doing C.A.P.” helps promote Mark Twain’s quotation, at least part way. (It may not be an “ouch,” it may be a “phew,” I did it.

Put on your “Doing C.A.P.”  I remember in grade school my teacher used to tell us to, “Put on your thinking cap,” during some exercises in class.  Thinking vs/doing is a strong differentiation.


Copyright 2013 © Dee Dukehart * *


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