Taking Responsibility

Freddy was demoted and pouted about it, blaming his demise on the system, on the weather, on his big brother, on anything or anybody he could point his finger at during the week.  He even went as far as to put down the woman who got his position.  No, he wouldn’t work with her because she’d never been a manager before.  He got another demotion.

Melissa missed her flight by :30.  It was her watch.  The traffic.  The dog’s water dish.  Her anger flares and her behavior matches that of a four-year-old who’s not gotten her way. How’s her time management?

The bill collectors are all over your phone number and driving you crazy.  You haven’t paid your credit card bill for three months.  You lost your job and don’t have the money.  You wanted and purchased a new flat-50″-screen t.v. instead of paying off your electrical bill.  Humm.

When life douses us with frustrating reality we sometimes point the finger at anything or anybody that comes into our mind because we don’t begin to believe that we’re in the wrong.  We’re good people and good people don’t pay bills late, miss airplanes, get demoted, get a speeding ticket, or other minor/major difficult situations that make our lives a crayon in a paintbrush world.  But we must take responsibility.  We must accept responsibility because we’ve made choices or decisions that have painted our canvas.

I get tired of people who don’t and won’t take responsibility for their lives.  I’ve been in some cringing situations in my life and I’ve had to make some decisions that I didn’t want to:  financial, personal, professional or other.  But, I did.  I’ve also been dependent when I need desperately to be independent, especially as an aging adult.  No one else is to blame for my current situation except for me.  I’m not going to blame the government, the economy, the down-turn,  the other person; I only have to look at myself though any reflection in any window or mirror and my face smiles back at me, and me alone.

Your successes and failures are a direct result of your choices in life.  How have you climbed above the average?  Some people may not “know” you, but they’ve seen you taking the steps to correct the wrong turn or make a positive impression.  Some people we don’t know have made a significant impression on the world, but then, their truth turns into lies.  Did they not know at the time that they would be responsible for not only the lives of others, but also of their own?  Absolutely, but they got caught up in hubris, in the image, in the glory  – whatever it would be.

Stand up for yourself.  When you find yourself in a quandary – and we’ve all had them, and will have them again – face up to the facts of your life.  I’m not 100 percent proud of all of my actions, but I pay the price, I face the facts and I take responsibility for my being.

In a spend, spend world, save.  In a keep-up-with-the-Facebook-buddies environment, set a positive and impressionable standard.  Your values say more about you than imagine.

A seven-year friend turned on me – not really at me – but at a situation we were both involved with and she hurt my feelings.  She didn’t and still hasn’t taken responsibility for her behavior that cost her the client that I had. She’s had a history of run-in’s with other people in different walks of life and yet she wants the world to follow how she does everything; she not a good team player.  It’s sad.  She blames the world instead of herself.

We can point the finger at the neighbor, the co-worker, the headache, or something for days or weeks.  We can rant and rave about a situation that we put ourselves in and it won’t do any good.  No good will come of it, except maybe that you feel better.

Tom lost a sale and took responsibility for the loss.  He wasn’t prepared and it showed; they chose a different vendor. He apologized to his team, his manager and the department.   He moved on, made a positive impression on the prospect as well as his team and rose above the loss.  He’ll have more wins than loses.  Evelyn didn’t make Dean’s List  her third quarter because she decided to go away for the weekend instead of finishing her paper.  She lost, she knew it was her fault.  She faced facts, buckled down and made it fourth quarter. You can help yourself.

Taking responsibility would help Freddy, Melissa, the accounts payable. It’s all about you, your behavior, your actions and reactions and your choices.  Here’s to you, here’s to taking responsibility for your life.


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