Security.  We all want it and many believe they have it.  We have it in our jobs, our family and friends, our homes and airports, our checking and savings accounts, our pensions or 401k’s.  But, do we really?

What does security look and feel like to you?  Are you happy and secure at your job?  Even though it may be a secure position, does it meet your needs and wants; are you content to get up and go to work every morning?  My friend, oh, I’ll call him Bert, has a secure and high-paying job:  He’s miserable. What price is he paying to be secure? Only he can tell us, and he’s shouting out loud and clear, “Get me out of here.”  (He’s on his way, he hopes.)

How many of you have left those secure positions to go out on your own or team up with a friend to make something of your world?  I did. I’m so not in a secure position, but I don’t have to answer to anyone else, and yet I don’t get paid vacations or health insurance.  What are the trade-offs for security?  And, is it really secure?  I know dozens of independents who are not only secure, but highly successful, and I envy them.

Several years ago when those big fund, financial and corporate businesses said, “Sorry, we messed up and you have no job.” their employees thought they had a secure job with a pension and life-long benefits:  whoops.  You live in a secure house and neighborhood, but someone keyed your neighbor’s car – or yours.  You buy a “security system” for your home and your car.  We lock our bikes to secure their presence when we return from getting our Starbucks or library books. Your relationships are secure, until….

Security is only as long as the letters; it can be lengthened or shortened depending on daily occurrences.  If you’re miserable, yet secure, are you really secure?  What does your future look like in a miserable job?

Take nothing for granted.  I’m far from sitting at my computer knowing that my life is secure even for the next hour or two. I don’t have those secure benefits, whether they be from a full-time job, or a full-time family, but I feel secure in myself  – for the most part. And right now, that’s enough.

I bet those 200+ people who worked on “Two and A Half Men” thought they were secure working on the number 1 TV program, but no… some pathetic, crazed and egotistic star ruined their lives too.  He also nearly brought down a network’s prime-time bottom line.  Whom do you trust to make your life secure?  What precautions have you made to see your life isn’t brought down by someone else?

Be prepared.  Take care of yourself.  Take notice of how you feel and what makes you happy.  Take nothing, nor no one, for granted.

Believe enough in yourself that you’re secure in everything you do and say; make others believers too.  Stand up for your values and those of your friends and the earth.

Help make our world a better and more secure place for not only the next generation, but also ours.


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