Where Do I Go Now?

Another day blooms and I want to take advantage of its rewards, but I keep asking:  Where do I go to get something accomplished?  Whom do I call?  What directory do I take with me and browse?  Who’ll answer my calls?  So many questions that right now don’t have answers.  Is it me?  Oh, most assuredly.

The frustration of boredom looms large.  Are you eager to start a new venture and yet…?  Do you yearn to be accepted by not only your community, but also by an employer who recognizes your potential?  Absolutely!  We all search for the parts that will make us whole.  We search until our soul explodes with completeness…or so I think. I’m not certain I’ve ever hit that find…I have come close though and I want it back.

I think that I may change my professional direction, and then I know that it will take me even more time to find the genie who’ll make my three new wishes come true.  I’m the genie, and I guess I keep myself locked in my lamp. But at least the lamps still shining and within reach!

Are you satisfied?  Personally and professionally?  I have few friends or acquaintances who are.  Yes, there’s the unique being who is complete in her personal and professional life, or at least that appears to be what we see on the exterior and in the public frame.  I might be wrong, but one or two of her 365 days may bring her concern.  I don’t actually envy her – well, not all the time – but the thought of peace, serenity, insurance and contentment do bring a smile to my face.

The economy is growing and my business will, it’s just when?  I talked to a friend of mine who’s highly successful, and yet, he fits and starts about his business; we’re never alone in our journey.  I just picked up Sarah Ban Breathnach’s new book, Peace and Plenty.  It’s written for women, mostly, who are struggling financially and gives you great quips, quotes and quality information; you’ll enjoy the read. She went from pauper to millionnairess to pauper…interesting. I recommend it.

Take care of what you have, what you need and how you’re going to stay high above the norm, you never know when you’ll need someone, something or some laughter. 

Enjoy the day, hug a friend, call a friend, encourage a friend, and above all, be good to yourself.  Here’s to your success…and to mine! 😉


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