Disappointing News

How do you handle rejection?  No, not romantic, but professional?

I’d been “working” with a prospect since August.  They told me my workshops were “high priority” and initially told me that September we’d start.  Then is was October. Then it was December.  Finally they said – after driving there to meet with the “big boss” – January.  It would be a five or six-workshop client for 2011 and I was thrilled. 

I guess I should have known with the belatedt-answered phone calls that something was array, but I was still hopeful because of their continued enthusiasm and call backs a week later.  When a prospect doesn’t return calls, somewhat like when an after-the-first-date person says s/he’ll call and doesn’t, we need to get the idea, face reality and move on.  It’s happened to all of us both personally and professionally, and it’s how we handle to rejection that makes a difference.

Late yesterday afternoon the prospect called and left a message; I was thrilled.  Yeah, they’ve finally put
my workshops on the calendar and they’re ready to begin:  Not to be.  I called back this morning and they’ve “tabled” my writing workshops because of other training needs.  Wow, what a deflation; my stomach is still turning.  I needed and wanted these workshops, now, I’m at ground no thank you.  Some words that come to mind aren’t printable.

My coaching client this morning expects my 100 percent, high energy and focused best.  It’s as  Shakespeare said, “All the worlds a stage, and all the men and women merely players.”  I’m definitely a “player” this morning and have to move forward.  We get disappointing news, it’s part of the play, and yet with our hopes high and are anticipation grand, it’s hard.

Disappointing news:  you don’t get the job, the raise, the promotion, the transfer, the client, the sale.  Does this mean that it’s character building?  If all the disappointments in my life were character building, I could put that “character” in prescription bottles and sell it on E-bay and make millions! Ah, well, no prescription bottle will help right now, so I put on a happy face, take the clients who need and want me and my expertise and move forward.

Well, those New Year’s resolutions and goals will now saturate my days for the next few weeks in hopes of a good catch before February or will that be March?  Onward.


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