2011 Resolutions

How many of you write down your yearly goals?  How many of you read them daily during the year?  How many times do you wish you’d just once written them down?  I decided to break down a few of my goals into resolutions, hoping I will refresh them every morning, or at least think about them.

Goals are initially intangible.  They’re thoughts that you want to turn into actions, and actions you want to turn into successes, and successes you want to turn into financial rewards.  Ah, the goal.  Maybe they’re not financial, maybe you want to finally quit smoking.  But isn’t that financial? Let’s assume you smoke a pack a day, and at the price of tobacco that’s quite the weekly, monthly and annual investment: $4.50 a pack times seven equals $31.50 a week and approximately $126.00 a month.  Now what can you do with an extra $126 a month?  Groceries?  Part of a winter electrical bill? A nice evening out with someone? Six wonderful bottles of wine, or two palatable-label cases? An insurance payment, partial credit card payment; well, you get the idea. 

Now, how about that goal of losing weight?  Yes, it costs to buy a membership, but you save on meals.  You’re losing weight and you feel better about yourself; therefore, you’re more productive and make more money or get that promotion.  The goal of getting more of something?  Most goals come back to remuneration or a rise in stocks, bonds or gold/silver.  Our worlds are run by money.  But, then again, how can we make a financial goal if we don’t have a job?  Don’t have clients?  Don’t have what we need or want to start?  Ah, we’re not alone.

Start easy.  Write down a goal and resolve to look at it every morning and write down one or two actions you take to attain that goal.  That’s easy.  It takes commitment, desire and self-understanding to keep those goals attainable and realistic.  Be specific in their outcomes.  It’s not that you want “a job,” “a new client,” “more money,” “to lose weight.”  You want “to work at X company, as the marketing director beginning on March 1, 2011.”  That’s specific.  You need to “find three new Fortune 500 companies who need your expertise in Customer Service and will pay for your expertise.”  You will “make $15,000 more” this year than last.  You will lose “three pounds a week until I’m at my goal of X.”  When you “see” the results in your head, then your heart and head will work together to capture your goals.

Some of my resolutions:

1.  To make five to ten marketing calls a day working toward three, new,long-term,  full-fee clients by June 2011

2. To let go of my frustration with friends who send me Christmas cards with pictures only of their children whom I don’t know

3. To let go of my frustration with friends who send me Christmas cards with/out family photographs and a printed name with no personalization

4. To send out more Christmas cards in 2011

5. To keep my wine drinking to wine drinking

6. To get six – eight hours of sleep a night

7. To keep my bank balance flowing way above the single digits

8. To keep my weight where I like it

9. To keep in touch with people whom I neglect – not on purpose, just on neglect

10. To get to the ocean two or three times in 2011 and stay for more than a few hours

11. To laugh daily

12. To get/give hugs daily

13. To corral new clients who’ll love and keep me for years

14. To buy a winning Lottery ticket

Okay, some are realistic and some I kept somewhat vague as not to perjure myself.

You get the idea. Set those goals, and resolve to keep them fresh in your head and heart.  If you need a support group – one or two people to help you at the gym, with nicotine, with alcohol, with people  – then ask.  We all love having people keep our heels to the threshold and our mind on the good, bad or indifferent.

Here’s to you.  Here’s to a healthy, happy, fun-filled, laughter-filled, over-indulgent – every once in a while – and abundant 2011.


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