Sixty-one Reasons

As I look back at my 61 years, I know that I can tabulate at least 61 reasons for my successes and yes, my failures.  Bear with me as I ramble and accumulate those 61.  Maybe I’ll even expand on a few that make me either laugh or pause…!

  1. My birthday
  2. My parents
  3. A sense of humor
  4. Denial
  5. Good health
  6. Great wines
  7. Wonderful champagnes
  8. Friends
  9. Dinner parties/ good food
  10.  World travel
  11.  Different cultures
  12.   Fear
  13.   Anxiety
  14.   Frustration
  15.  Clients
  16. Clients I’d hoped for
  17. Disappointment
  18. Assertiveness
  19.  Shyness
  20. Neddy
  21. The men in my life
  22. The women who have stood by me for decades and some for almost all of my life – I love them
  23. Merlot and Bali – my faithful feline companions
  24.  Good neighbors
  25.  Rejection
  26. Accomplishments
  27.  Successes
  28.  Writing/getting published
  29.  Books and more books
  30.  Movies
  31.  Theatre
  32. Exercise
  33. Expectations
  34.  The ocean, sandy beaches, waves and salt air
  35. The water
  36.  Wrightsville Beach
  37. Miami friendships
  38. Labor Day Weekend 2010
  39.   Virtual cocktail hours
  40. Getting paid what I’m worth
  41. Not getting the job/client
  42.  Beautiful sunny Colorado days
  43.  Classical music
  44.   A good cry
  45.  Real friendship
  46.  Friends who are no longer with me for myriad reasons
  47.   E-mails
  48.  Pen Pals
  49. Laughter
  50.  Surprises
  51.  People’s good energy
  52.  Sunrises/sunsets
  53. Adventure
  54. Laziness
  55.   Getting a card or letter in the mail
  56. Coffee frozen yogurt
  57. A pot of Hot tea
  58.  A blazing fire in the fireplace
  59.   Support
  60.  Love
  61. Forgiveness from others and me

This wandering list is incomplete and yet I wanted to just write down the first 61 thoughts and feelings I had about the last 61 years.  Some of the worst years were caressed by the old calendars, some of my best years I know are kissing my being and ready to hold my hand.  The wonder of it all.  The grace of it all.


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