Thank you notes

Our time is invaluable.  How we use it is up to us.  We can waste it in myriad ways, and we can also wile away the hours thinking, being creative and/or spending time with co-workers, friends, mentors/tees and others.  When we chose to give up time for someone else in order to help them, it’s just a simple common courtesy for the ones we help to say, “thank you!”  Don’t you agree?

Rachel – not her real name – is job hunting and wanted to meet with me to see if I might help her with some referrals and advice.  I’m happy to help, if and when I can.  I’m not in the non-profit world and Rachel wants to get into it.  But, I do know some people who might help her.  She came over for iced tea and stayed an hour. We chatted, I browsed my friend’s website who’s the ED of a non-profit and some other non-profit websites for her, just to gear her into a direction.  Our time together was enjoyable, if not totally productive for her.

She left and that’s the last I’ve seen or heard from her.

Will I forward her name to someone whom I might meet in the non-profit world?  No.  I may be arrogant or uppity or whatever name or adjective you might put by my name when you think I should just “let it go.”  But, I was raised in a world of polite society and that means sending thank you notes.  How many thank you notes have you received from people whom you’ve helped along the way, interviewed or spent your valuable time with?  I presume it’s not 100 percent of the time.

E-mail makes getting in touch easier than easy.  Write “thank you for your time,” and the recipient will be pleased, possibly eager to continue to help, to mentor, to pave the way.  A hand written note and you stand out above 99 percent of the population!  No thank you note and I just close the door.  Is this ego on my part?  I don’t know, nor do I care.  Just let me know that I didn’t waste my time, or that you appreciated my giving of myself, and the world’s yours.

Thank you for reading!

Enjoy the day.



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2 responses to “Thank you notes

  1. Thank you cards are almost the golden rule when it comes to business relations and friendship between the family and friends. Sometimes people do things that are beautiful and generous to others.

    Tips to fall into a routine of the handwriting of Thanks. If you do not want to send letters to boil for a business partner. These tips on how successful people write thank you cards should be a great way to start.


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