I am Right!

Last week I was going over first quarter receipts, expenses, billables, etc. and I noticed that I had two “paid” invoices from one health company.  I called the company and asked the accounts payable person to help me get my refund.  She was more than cordial and amiable to my askings and persuasive wording.  She said she’d have to call back.

With two or three conversations, I knew I was right…until…!  It’s that damn “until” that most times gets us in trouble.  Did I raise my voice – oh, just a tad.  I was actually matter-of-fact and cordial too, but I wanted the $35.71 back.  How often do you “know you’re right” and yet you find out that your rantings and ravings to either someone you know or some stranger on the phone, behind the counter, or serving you are all mud on your face, not theirs?  It’s embarrassing, and yet, I believe we’ve all been caught up in the I-am-right syndrome only to find out we are oh, so wrong!

Is it because of the overload we carry?  Is it that we just hope to be right?  Is it that we’re bound and determined to make our point?  What is it?  Most of those “wrong” times are unintentional.  You “know” you’re right, and you want to right the wrong that was done to you.  I know you’ve seen and heard the I-am-right people while you’re waiting in line, while you’re sitting having a meal, while you’re waiting for your car, while you’re at the gate at the airport and someone’s on his/her phone!  Mine was a simple mistake – on my part!  (Aren’t they all simple?) I had written paid on the invoice, and attached the paid  internet receipt.  I just didn’t take the time to read the small print, “transaction failed.”  It failed in myriad ways, none of which was my pompous response to the “double payment.”  Ick.  Don’t you hate it when you’re wrong?

We’re in a mad rush 25/8 and its remedy is in our care:  be diligent when reading, understanding when listening – really listening, and gentle when pursuing your course.

Apologies are accepted, I’m certain. But, the person you apologize to still knows you’re an ass!  The good reverse?  They’ve been an ass too, and now they know how you feel.

Take care to slow down during the day.  Realize that every person is as overwhelmed as you are and needs some TLC if only for a few minutes.  I send apologies to those of you I’ve insulted – not intentionally – and also TLC to let you know, I care.


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