Being Counted

2010, the year of the Census.  Who knows how much money the Census bureau is spending on cards to tell you about the Census form, the form, the follow-up card to tell you about the form you’ve already received and to remember to fill out the 10 questions and send in the form, and then the card to tell you to apply for the 1000’s jobs they have to count you.  Phew, do you think they want you to fill out those 10 questions?  Absolutely!  And for good reason:  money.  But, in the end, what’s their ROI?

If we all sent out information telling people about information we’re going to send them, and then send them the information, and then follow-up to tell them to read the information, and then follow-up, yet again, to see if they want to come to work for us, but don’t know when we’ll work, for how long, or for what amount, what would people think of us? Wow!  Would you know how much your budget for marketing was compared to the money you’re going to get when all is said and done?  It would be a smaller percentage than if we just said, Here’s the information, please fill out the form, and send it back; we appreciate it!

How often are you counted?  Not just for the government’s sake but also for your own?  Do you count at work?  Do you stand up and say what you believe in and follow-up on the information that you gave?  Do you stand up and lead?  Are you counted in your family and their value and belief systems?  Do you count when it comes to making personal and professional decisions if you’re part of a family and team?  Do you follow-up on the commitments you make and then again? I hope so.

I believe that the Census Bureau’s rate of information in order for them to know you’re alive and well and living in some domicile, a temporary hotel, boarding house, shelter, or even on the street is not really over-the-top.  We may think it is, but it’s done for a reason, and I like that they know you’re counted, the people on the street are counted and that I’m counted when it comes to the BIG picture.

Being counted in your everyday life is paramount too.  Do you know of anyone in your office that once they’re gone you didn’t remember that they were there in the first place?  Have you ever said, “I didn’t even know his/her name,” when it came to someone in your neighborhood or  work place and something happened to them?  You need to make yourself known, and not just on a form.  Make an effort to be counted in myriad areas of your life.

Our bodies, minds and spirits can’t be fill-in-the-blank; they are a force to be reckoned with and one that makes a difference – a positive difference in the lives of others, the community, the public as a whole, as well as ourselves.  When you stand up because you want to be counted in your world, people will remember you.  You don’t have to famous or infamous, you need only  be strong, helpful, respectful, thoughtful, caring, kind, understanding, humorous and oh so many other attributes.  These attributes don’t take going to school, getting promoted, being rich or living in a mansion, no, they take being true to you.

Stand up and be counted! Not just because you filled out and mailed back the Census Bureau form – and I hope you did! Be counted in a powerful and positive way in your everyday actions,  and people will respect and admire you, as you respect and admire yourself.

Happy Monday.


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  1. sally

    Hi Dee,
    Yes, I am finally on facebook but just for today and then again in maybe a month. Just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed reading what you wrote about “Being Counted”. You are GOOD! Keep writing!


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