Be Nice!

Just in the last week I’ve read not one, not two, but three articles about the vitriol thrown at some politicians; both parties are to blame.  But why are we so incredibly rude to each other?  What does it do for either party?  I just don’t understand it.

How hard is it to be nice?  Yes, we all have our own interpretation of the world and how it affects us, but that doesn’t give us the right to call each other names.  Why is the world full of bratty little kids aged 30 and above?  It’s appalling to me.  Screaming profanity won’t get you any friends, I promise,nor will it get you “votes.”

It’s such a nice feeling to have someone compliment you, isn’t it?  It’s also a great attribute to listen, really listen to someone who has a different opinion than you.  No matter how ardent a fan of one team or the other, someone’s going to lose the game, but still be in the fight.  The Health Care Bill has brought out the worse in us, and I’m ashamed to have the fights broadcast in not only our living rooms, but also those around the world.  What do people think of us as a nation?  Sad!

Respect.  Kindness. Understanding. These and a few more attributes that we were taught – I hope – at home and in grade school, make us want to be nice to others we meet, work with, send to Congress, have coffee with, or live with.  Arguments raise the blood pressure to 200/100; it’s enough to kill you!  What good do people do for their side who shout vitriol at legislators – both national and local, at restaurant staff, store clerks, customer service reps, collectors? It doesn’t! It just puts them in a bad place?

I get riled at certain aspects in life, and I have been known to raise my voice.  I get too frustrated at auto-responder phone messages, at people who don’t, won’t or can’t answer a simple question that’s in their sphere of knowledge, e.g. Help desks, company personnel, customer service reps, etc.  I know that when I get all hot and bothered it doesn’t help my cause; it only diminishes my being.  I have never screamed at anyone in public – not that that excuses some of my rude moments.

Being nice to our fellow humans, understanding and delving into our differences, taking time to listen, and containing our immediate thoughts of domination on any one subject would help our/your cause.  Americans have a wretched reputation overseas: We’re viewed as rude, overbearing and demanding.  Imagine that!  Just view our behavior these past few weeks on Capitol Hill, in the Denver legislature, or at your local Post Office or any store where’s there’s a line and you’re impatient. 

Who’s responsible for calling people on their rudeness, for stopping their behavior?  I don’t know.  But someone in your office, in the House or Senate, or in line has the power to call attention to and reprimand the rude behavior.  We allow loud mouths and rude people to rule; stop allowing this behavior, now.

If you make an effort to be nice all day today, then again tomorrow, and then again when you blood boils, your eyes bulge, your heart races, your finger nails sharpen and your vocabulary grinds: this is the time when we really know what nice is, and how we can make a good example.

Happy Thursday.


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