Get Out of Bed – Now!

Have you ever been depressed?  Have you ever thought that getting out of bed was a bad idea? Well, you obviously did, didn’t you?  What prompted your energy level to rise?

I have a friend who’s in the dumps.  She doesn’t want to get out of bed, face the world or accept reality;  sometimes our demons creep up on us unexpectedly.  We all have them – or you think you’re immune – and we deal with them in our own manner.

Demons creep up when money, job, relationships, family, health, ideas or a combination of them are ugly.  I’ve had all of those demons take my hand and walk me through the days – never weeks – and want to take control.  But, no.  I didn’t let them, though they’d obviously been lifting weights and gained strength. I didn’t let them bully me.

My friend feels alone: she is.  As am I.  Are you alone?  Is your relationship solid?  Is your family there for you?  My friend has a good job, she has friends, a sense of humor and yet…she needs – and wants – a boyfriend.  Hell, most of us – women – do if we don’t have one.  Men and women picture the girl/boyfriend as a magic cure to our loneliness disease, as if s/he will be a prescription or dessert for our empty plate; ain’t so.  The loneliness, though real, is also in our head and hearts as to how we deal with it.

Are you alone?  Have you ever been?  Are you lonely? Experiencing pangs of woe-is-me?  How many relationships are a panacea?  How many “happy” marriages are actually facades for you and the outside world? Do you know  the “perfect” couple/family only to find out that s/he’s in insurmountable debt, had an affair(s), been living separate lives in the same house?   I do.

Get out of bed, now and wash away those blues.  It will help you get that job, make more money, find the “perfect” man/woman if that’s what you want.  Think good thoughts – we have 60,000 of them a day!  Make them pro-you, pro-your world, instead of against you and your world.  Tell yourself how wonderful you are and how blessed the world is to have you with us!

Once you get out of bed, have a gallon of coffee and a Starbucks muffin, you’ll realize that the world’s meant to be lived and that sometimes living causes heartbreak and down times.  Great, now we learn.   Getting up every morning has its risks, but wow, what fun it is to handle those risks, find a solution to something and celebrate the good times.  We remember the goods times far more often than the bad.

Get out of bed and help the world thrive in humor and good works.  It works for me – most of the time!  Hope it works for you.

Here’s to sunshine raining down on you.

Happy Monday – and spring!


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One response to “Get Out of Bed – Now!

  1. Deborah Bruner


    I loved reading this! I am posting this by my bed. As a person that just moved across the country and starting her own homebased business (that includes a lot of cold calls), I just need to put my feet on the floor when I get the blues (or fear filled blues), run my fingers through what is left of my now short hair and get a move on (some days). Thanks.



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