We’re so spoiled

How many of you are premier something, whether it’s with an airlines, restaurant, weblink, your office or grocery chain?  I presume most of you.  When that status goes away do you wince?  Do you think, “Why did that happen?” 

A friendof mine – a definite road warrior – left for San Francisco yesterday,  and has over 100k miles in her United account, but…this trip she wasn’t awarded premier status because she hadn’t accumulated enough miles last year to keep the “gold card.”  She was in a panic: “I have to wait in that long line.”  “I don’t get on the plane early.”  etc.  Wow, is she spoiled?  Yes!  So am I.  Aren’t you?

I used to be a consummate road warrior and enjoyed the perks of the Red Carpet Club, the premier status, the flying to special places around the globe on miles and in business class, but alas, that did indeed go away.  I was spoiled, especially flying 18,000 away in what I call “cattle class.”  I didn’t have the perks of the clubs at transfer cities, and I didn’t get to board early, get settled and have my champagne, plus a sleeper chair for the overnight flight!  Yikes, how did I get that way?

We all earn status from jobs, “the corner office,” reserved parking, special compensation at restaurants, stores, on-line shopping…the list goes on.  When our lives change, then we get in line with the rest of the world.  Does being spoiled change our perspective?  You know it does.

Think of all the celebrities who have “everything.”  Then think of the fallen sports figures, executives and celebrities who are now standing in line with us, or even worse.  I know they miss the perks and special attention.  But the world isn’t run with their first-class line, it’s run by us, by our status as first-rate human beings doing our best.

I know we all love being spoiled and having more than or better than or higher than things – tangible and intangible, but we all survive without them. I’m certain that my friend who had to stand in “that long” line and wait until her section 4 was called, survived, had a great flight and didn’t really argue with the life of the every-day flier.

Here’s to us getting that first-class status, or just receiving first-class service, having first-class friends and co-workers.  We are all spoiled in this country.  Talk to someone who either lives or lived in Russia and ask him/her about standing in line for bread, another line for milk, another line for meat, etc.  Talk to others who came to this country for a better life and marvel at our 24-hour, voluminous, dozen-of-a-kind products grocery stores. 

We live in a brilliant country and even with its warts, I’m spoiled with its opportunities and amenties…so are you.  Here’s to us.

Happy Thursday.



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  1. Cayron

    I just stumbled upon your blog, and I’m having a lovely Saturday evening browsing a few of your thoughts.
    Even those of us who have never experienced being “spoiled” in a sense, can certainly feel spoiled simply by getting into our own car and driving freely, without any checkpoints, to pay our utility bill, buy a cup of coffee, or pick up our dry cleaning.
    Thanks for your thoughts,


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