Time Table

Do you ever get frustrated because the person/people you want to connect with aren’t on your time-table?  I do.

I had a prescription filled this morning and the pharmacist told me it’d be :15.  I ran a few errands and returned in :30.  She told me that my insurance number was wrong; they hadn’t filled my prescription.  I gave her my current card, she re-filed the number and said she’d have it filled in :15.  Now, the pharmacy is only a mile or so, but it’s time.  Why didn’t the pharmacist look up the current number?  She had other people to serve and prescriptions to fill.

A client is eager to get some training and told me I needed to talk to the manager before we could “sign” the deal.  Well, I thought a day or two would work, but no, it’s 10!  Why aren’t they as eager to start the training as I am?  What’s so important that I can’t move up to number one?  When we want something – are desperate to get it – it seems that the people we need to make a decision, purchase a package, fill a prescription, drive 10 miles over the speed limit, or call us back aren’t as eager as we are.  Put them in a different situation – wanting my workbooks, wanting my corrections, wanting me – then I’m number one, and they’re not.

Every hour of your day is  important to some outcome and maybe my input, being, my queries aren’t important – right now.  If I’m number 20 on the list, then my eagerness to pursue my goal wanes for another week, two, or more.  If I’m number two or three, then maybe it’s a few hours.  I get frustrated with auto-responders and trying to find out information.  Don’t you?  I want to talk to someone…NOW!  I don’t want to wait on hold, answer a few questions from a robot, or press 5, then 3, then 1.  I want a human to give me information, to hear my plea for help, service, information or answers.

I’m waiting patiently for the manager to get back in town so she can make a decision – the one I wanted last week.  I know the answer will be yes, but I wait.  It’s her time-table, not mine.

It’s always nicer to be the one being pursued instead of being the pursuer.

Happy Tuesday.



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