What’s Your Time Worth?

How many people have wasted your time this week?  One?  More than four? Too many to count?  Why do people waste other people’s time? 

I attended a :90 informational workshop on how to do business with a local government agency this week.  I’ve attended it before and thought that my training expertise wouldn’t be of use because they usually look for construction companies, or vendors of products from a – k  to bid; I’m not there.  But I spoke to the woman who was co-conducting and she recommended I attend, so I went.

We started a few minutes late, and then the organizer introduced us to the woman who works for the agency and would be our point person if we were to work for them.  She talked about the agency statistics, played mind-numbing games about numbers within the agency, and then turned it over to the woman who was to help us with the vital information about our applications.  Now, I don’t know about you, but I can read.  I can also understand that when they ask for my name, company name, and other particulars about me and my business, I’m there, 100 percent.

For :90 I sat there and listened to information that I could have easily attained in, oh, :10.  “Fill out this sheet and turn it into Ms. C, fill out this form and turn it into Ms. G, fill out the application, add your business card…” and a few other tidbits.  That was all I needed to know.  To take an hour plus of my time to give me ten minutes of information is cruel.  Not to mention, neither of the presenters were good.  They did think that they were funny, so that was somewhat of a plus…but I could have done without their humor.

When you schedule an appointment, webinar, meeting, workshop or phone call, make every minute count.  What’s your time worth?  Do you charge by the hour?  Do you spend your time appropriately; get as much out of an hour or a day as possible?  I hope so.  Do I dally around daily – yes.  I know I could get more done in a day, but then again, it’s my choice.  No one has told me to attend anything, be anywhere, report this or that, I just work at my own pace; some days are more productive than others.

I do know though that when I meet a friend, prospect, client or vendor for coffee, lunch, a drink after work, or dinner that I make certain that their time is well spent: they get vital information about who I am, what I need, what I give, what I charge, what benefits and value they’ll receive.  If I’m conducting a webinar, I want the listeners to take away three, four, ten points that they can implement immediately.  Have you ever listened to or attended a free webinar and basically heard nothing except stories, or egocentric babble?  I have. 

Your time is worth a certain amount.  Other’s time is worth approximately the same, maybe less, maybe more.  It doesn’t matter if you’re talking to a sales clerk at the grocery store, the CEO of a company, your best friend, or your boss, everyone’s time is valuable. 

Think about what your meeting, workshop, report, conference call, webinar, luncheon is about and get to the fact, cite them and get to business.  Get to the point! (This also pertains to your written reports, e-mails and letters.) Networking and catching up time can always be done in the hall. 

I hope your reading this blog hasn’t taken too much of your time.  If so, thanks for reading; now get back to work – after you forward this to your co-workers, clients, prospects and friends.  Time is money!

Happy Thursday.



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