In Flux

Have you ever been in flux?  Of course.  Have you even been flummoxed?  Most assuredly.  Well, I’m capturing both of them today.

My career is in flux: I have to get some new clients…now!  I’m flummoxed over just how to do that?  I know, just make the call.  But…who are you gonna call?  No, not The Ghost Busters!

How do we get out of our own way?  What keeps me from picking up the phone – cold or warm calling – and asking for referrals, asking for help, asking for work?  I have a “salesperson” personality, but I’m still “scared.”  What’s the person on the other line going to do to me?  I know, nothing.  Even a “no” gives me direction.   All those sales’ stories about how many “no’s” get me to a “yes,” still don’t give my arm and fingers the electricity they need to power up my calling and marketing momentum. 

I’d so hoped that not one, but two prospects would come through in December, and then I’d be in relatively good shape.  How did I get those prospects? One I met at a luncheon and she inquired about my writing for her.  The other is a 30-year f”riend.”  Neither came through.  Why?  Money was the excuse for the non-profit, and you have me in a blind for what happened to my “friend.”  I e-mailed, I left phone messages, and nothing.  Not even a simple, “no thanks.” And she initiated the connection.  Baffles the mind.  I can’t look back; no “shoulda’s, wouldas, couldas” for 2010.

Maybe that’s the cause of my hesitation; rejection.  But I’ve asked for better and worse things than hiring me, and yet…!  It’s a quandary.

But, if I’m going to pay my bills, if I’m going to meet my obligations, if I’m going to go to the movies, eat dinner, buy a birthday card, mail a letter or just buy a lottery ticket I must have money!  So, I’ve made two calls this morning.  The goal:  ten a day.  I have eight more and I’m flummoxed – who to call.  (It’s so much easier to send an e-mail – no initial rejection.)  If I stay in purgatory and flux, then I’ll be in dire straits and no one, no one wants that, especially me.

Here’s to me.  Here’s to getting courage and keeping it in my head, heart and dialing fingers.

Happy Thursday.


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