Making a List, Checking it Twice

I don’t make New Year’s resolution.  I also know the statistics on those of you who do, that you’re bound to revert to your old ways within 60 days.  In the pre-dawn hours at 24 Hour Fitness I see the “resolutionists” arrive this week – some even have the nerve of using “my” machine when I need it.  Then I remember, they’ll be gone in six weeks, so let it go.

What I do make in January is a goal list.  I realize that I can write down my goals and keep them close to my heart so I will accomplish them within the year.  If I don’t, then I know I can keep them for 2011!   I make this list and check it twice a day – in the morning and then at the end of the day to see what I’ve accomplished, how many steps I need to take to accomplish them, and how I feel about myself after I can cross off the goal.

A few goals:  1.) Get four articles published by June 2010  2.) Reduce my debt by 50 percent.  3.) Acquire two new long-term – six-twelve months – clients.  4.) Keep my weight where it is today.  5.) Re-connect with an old friend and stay connected.  6.) Finish my booklet.

You can see that these goals are attainable – for me they are.  Have you written down your goals for this year?  If not, start today.  If so, check the list twice – in the a.m. and the p.m.  It’s a great incentive to keep you on track.

Happy Goal Setting!


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  1. You think 6 weeks Dee? I say your gym will be considerably empty in less than 4. The turn of a clock or calendar is not really motivation for doing much of anything meaningful. Research finds that people are most motivated by a sense of accomplishment. Your goals seem great, because as you say, they are attainable. Good luck getting them done in 2010 and thanks for the great reminder to keep our eye on the things that mean the most to us in 2010!


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