It’s Only Temporary

“It’s sad that I’m in this position.  It’s only temporary though.” 

Do you ever find yourself in a situation and you think, “This is awful.”?  Then less than three months later you find yourself in a much better situation and you laugh at the you of three months ago?  I think we’ve all been there.  Then there are the “temporary” situations that seem to drag on and on. 

Is our economic downturn only temporary?  Absolutely.  But when are we going to see that temporary go away?  Do you have a situation at home, work, in your neighborhood or on your bottom line that gives you hives?  I’m there.  I do know that it’s only temporary, but I’ve also been here before: crying for help. Financial help.  Client referrals.  Career help.Computer help.  The list goes on.  What’s kept me from being in the flow?  I don’t know.  I do know that some of the temporary set backs in my life have been temporary way too long:  not just weeks, not just months, but over a year.  It’s sad.

How do you survive your “temporary” set backs?  How do you cope at home and at work?  How do you make the best of it?  How do you keep your head and spirits up?  It’s hard, I know.   I also know that denial can get you in trouble – big trouble.

For 2010, I’ve decided to do some marketing that makes me cringe:  cold calling. I also know that I have to make plans not just for the moment, but also for my financial future.  Being adult about my business is probably the best adjustment I can make.  I can’t keep depending on someone else, something else, or winning the lottery.

What can you do in the next 30 days to get your temporary situation(s) – if any – in the “completed” category?  1.) Send your pride to the corner. 2.) Speak up and face the consequences now, to get it over with and move on. 3.) Ask for help, take it and pay it back and/or forward. 4.) Ask yourself what you can do today – two or three small steps – to move your situation into the positive column.  5.) Understand that you are not alone and that there are people, friends, family members, neighbors, mentors, shrinks, whomever, who are more than willing to help you get out of whatever “temporary” set back you’re in.   This will also shorten your “temporary” to possible hours or days, from months.

Facing reality is a great way to start 2010.  What do you need to do to be the best you can be?  I know I need to spread the word about me.  I need and will write more articles and hopefully get them published.  I will borrow money and pay it back within six months.  I will face myself in the mirror and be proud of the person who smiles back at me.

Look at yourself in a positive manner.  Do something just for you, your career, your head or heart today, tomorrow and the next day.  No, not selfish acts,but acts that make others and yourself proud of you.  Take the temporary set backs, write them down on paper then burn the paper, blow the ashes into oblivion and move forward with grace.  I know I can do it; I know you can do it.

Here’s to health and abundance in 2010.


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