Phone numbers

I just want a phone number.  Is this too hard to ask? 

Why do companies want us to use their website to make reservations,  find information, pay our bills, purchase a product or sign-up?  I’ve searched various websites for the company address and phone number; no way.  You have to “contact us” by e-mail.  Why?  Has it really come to the point in our lives that humans are no longer necessary? 

I know I’m not the only one who’s frustrated with auto-responders, automated voices, and only a computer to tend to our cares and needs.  It’s only going to get worse; I’m certain.

I love the internet, and yet, I appreciate human connection 100x more.  Don’t you? Customer service is a misnomer.  I’m also so confused as to who gets my automatic payments and is it for the coming month or the following month?  Obviously if I’d grown up with computers, iPhones and Pods, etc. I’d be happy, less confused, not used to human beings and content to type my life away.

If you saw “Up In The Air” with George Clooney, you’d also know that what we’re used to is also how we cope.  George Clooney’s character flies 300 days a year and he has a science for going through security; it’s a hoot to watch.  When we know the “drill,” we know how to cope, how to breeze through with little or no aggravation, and we do it on rote response.  But, still…I want to talk to someone.

Anyway, enough.  It’s the age – computer and mine – that makes the difference.  But, I still wish that companies would put their phone number on their websites so I could call them instead of waiting for an internet response or wanting to throw my computer out the window.  It’s only ten small numbers and it would make a huge difference – at least to me.

Ah, well.

Happy Tuesday.


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