What would we do without our friends?  It’s amazing to me that the force of friendship can rule the world – at least my world.

Last night a dear friend whom I’ve known for 19 years and I got together for a drink; our quarterly get-together.  We caught up on work, family, Tiger, Health Care, habits and then it was just talking about life.  Jonathan’s an amazing mid-40s, successful family man.  It’s a friendship that started at Newark Airport in 1991 as I was rambling on about my trip to South Africa. Jonathan butting in – politely – and told me that he was from South Africa and was moving to Denver.  Imagine the coincidence!

You never know when you start a conversation with a stranger where it’ll lead and for how long.  Yes, we meet strangers almost daily, and then one or two lend an emotional tatoo and it’s a lifetime of impressions. 

I’ve come to think of Christmas as just another day.  It’s okay.  I used to love to fly East to see my family when I was younger; my dad made it so special for me.  We’d chop down a tree and decorate it on the 23 or 24.  It was our time together and it made for plenty of love and laughter.  After Daddy died I went East a few times, but it was never really “Christmas” for me, it was a semi-forced desire to give and take.   Now, I stay put and visit friends during the day. 

What I do love about Christmas are the apparel decorations; sweaters, sox, earrings and pins. Oh, I have box loads; I even make holiday earrings and pins.  Such fun.  I love carolling like I used to do back in the 70s, and I love a carol sing at church.  The day though, is almost meaningless, I’m sorry to say.

But last night I received my first present.  Miz Devine Doll.  She’s three inches of shimering silver, moves, has a slinky skirt, a wee purse, and a wicked look in her eye; she’s fabulous.  Jonathan went to this gift shop in the Mall after our drink and saw a the key chain his wife, Theresa,  asked for for Christmas.  The clerk though had other ideas:  the Devine Doll.  Well, Jonathan knew she was meant for me, not his wife; I got my first Christmas present.  Santa is alive!  (Theresa will get her’s on the 25.)

Christmas is for children – yes, I know the lyrics, “…to kids from one to 92….”  I enjoy the day just to see others get together, hear children scream with delight as they rip paper to smithereens, look at Santa’s empty milk glass and left-over cookie crumbs, and enjoy the joy and love people get from each other, friends, family and acquaintances.

Christmas will be Christmas for me because of my friends.  Without them I’d have peanut butter and jelly for dinner; even without them that might be a consideration.  My friends keep me on my toes, help me believe and offer joy and good wishes for my holiday and New Year.

As a writing/reading friend, I offer a friendly virtual hug.  Thanks to hose of you who read this, plus pass it on, and to those who might even get something out of this rant of mine.

Have a great season and bless your family and friends.  I bless my friends and you.

Happy Wednesday.  I’m off to have drinks with friends.  Oh, I love this time of year.

Pass it along.


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