An Answer

How often do you leave messages and/or send e-mails that aren’t returned?  How many times do you say to someone’s voice mail or vacant e-mail box, “Please just let me know.  An answer is always helpful.  Thank you!”  Still…nothing.  Why?

I understand complete strangers making “cold calls” who are used to being ignored.  What if the person ignoring you is either a friend, a prospect who asked you to submit information, a current or past client, or all of the above?  What next?  And what does the other person think when s/he looks at the e-mail box or listens to the phone message?  It baffles me.  “No thank you” really works.  It’s not personal!

The ignoring me makes me mad, hurts my feelings and always, in my estimation, says a great deal about the person.  Do I really want to work with them if they won’t even take the time and have the common courtesy to call or e-mail back after three or four times?  Maybe.  It baffles me.

When I’m sitting at the gate area for the allotted hour prior to take off I’m relaxed and easy with a book or newspaper.  When the time for departure comes and goes and no one has bothered to come on the speaker to tell us what’s going on, I get antsy.  Don’t you?  Do the airline personnel think that all the passengers can’t tell time?  Do they think that we just automatically accept that time means zero to the gate agent, but almost everything to us poor fools waiting – patiently at first, then frustrated! – for an announcement – anything helps.  It baffles me.  But this is just like no answer to a friendly marketing call or e-mail.  Nothing.  Nada.  No word.  I’m patient at first, then beyond frustrated.  Aren’t you?

Do you return phone calls and e-mails.  I’ve written that the 48-hour rule is in the common courtesy realm.  After that, unless you’re infirm, on vacation, in trial, overseas, or other, then I put you in the “rude” pile.  Do you keep people waiting?  Even if you or others haven’t made a decision, then a decision has been made:  no decision.  Let me – them – know.  It’s common courtesy.  You don’t like being kept waiting, whether it’s at the Post Office, grocery store, dry cleaners, restaurant, on the phone, or in traffic, why would you make others wait to get any kind of information?  Information is knowledge.  We all need and want knowledge.

Let me in on your I-think-she-deserves-to-wait-for-another-week strategy.  It definitely will enlighten me and I’ll put it in the back of my mental file. 

To those who haven’t, won’t, didn’t return my phone calls or answer my e-mails, I’m hurt and I’m disappointed.  It means that you don’t respect my time, my talent or me and that’s hurtful.   Oh,well.  What baffles me may be enlightenment to others.

Enjoy the day and make that return call or e-mail for someone as an early holiday gift.

Happy Tuesday.  Pass this along to all whom you know need to read the message!


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