Sixty Observations

Well, Happy Birthday – Happy 60th birthday – to me!  It all seems so ethereal to me that I’m actually 60 years old.  The brain, mind and body argue with the calendar; it can’t be.  But, alas, I concede to reality – just this once.

Over this vast experience of life, I have observed thousands of points of interest, behavior, reality, fun, love, disappointment, success, failure, highs and lows.  I’m just going to share sixty of them with you and I hope you’ll  recognize most, agree or disagree, and yet understand that these are only sixty small facets of one small life.

Some of these observations came early, some attacked me in the middle of the night, some appeared on my mirror in the morning, some stuck themselves to my soul and stayed.  Most are just feelings and thoughts that I started writing down and wanted to share.

1.  I’m not immortal.

2. My mother did have eyes in the back of her head.

3.  Parents do the best they can with the information and expertise they have at the time.

4. I was a great and fun debutant.

5.  I’m currently a rusty debutant.

6. I loved the debutant season – the parties, balls, dates, friendships and yes, the clothes!

7. Dating was and is an adventure.

8. “Please” and “thank you” open doors.

9. A smile can make a person’s day.

10. Hugs are good for the soul and spirit.

11.Friends come and go.

12.  Friends disappoint.

13. Just because you love someone doesn’t mean they’ll love you back.

14.  Good health – mental and physical – is paramount.

15.  Work is essential for the mind, body and soul.

16.  Do what makes your heart soar.

17.  The world needs to see me.

18.  A personally written note, card or letter means 10x more than any e-mail.

19.  Thank you notes carry the gift, giving and receiving further.

20.  Books are my best friend.

21.  My animals ease the pain of loneliness.

22. Aloneness is not loneliness.

23.  Staying in touch with friends and family warms the heart.

24.  Answering a phone call or e-mail within a 48-hour period is polite.

25.  Manners speak volumes about people.

26.  Inconsideration is all relative.

27.  Friendship crosses the political, color, race, sexual orientation and religious barriers.

28.  Loss is life.

29.  I didn’t start saving soon enough.

30. Exercise is an elixir.

31.  I’m disappointed in me.

32.  I still miss my dad after 20 years.

33.  World travel opens up your heart, head and eyes.

34.  Being unconventional has its assets.

35.  Letting go of some of my possessions doesn’t mean letting go of meaning.

36. First loves remain powerful.

37.  Classical music is music for my soul.

38.  I love live theater.

39. Dinner parties are a small holiday.

40.  Afternoon tea is one of my creature comforts.

41.  I want a walk-in closet!

42.  Being gracious is welcome – giving and receiving.

43.  House guests stay three nights, unless invited to stay more.

44. Spring and fall are my favorite seasons.

45.  The smell of freshly cut grass is the renaissance of spring and summer.

46. Sitting by a fireplace with a beloved is eternal.

47.  Unless something’s happened to you, you can’t relate.

48.  Success is in the eye of the beholder; okay and maybe the media.

49.  Where is my best friend?

50.  Expectations can cause emotional harm.

51.  Let someone you love know it – today.

52.  Paying my bills on time eases the mind.

53.  My perfect health was taken for granted.

54.  Some friends will surprise you with their attention, while others surprise you with their ignorance.

55. Laughter is a cure to almost everything, and it’s contagious.

56. The phone is a unique and modern tool to reach out and let someone know you’re thinking of them.

57.  E-mail is brilliant for keeping in touch,but  it’s not the only way.

58.  I love my brother more and more.

59.  I will succeed.

60.  Today’s a day for reflection:  What can I do to improve the world?

Enjoy my birthday with me.


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