Breaking The Rules

Who sets the rules anyway?  Are some rules written in stone and passed from tablet to tablet, family to generation?  I know, rules are made to specific reasons, to keep order in our lives.  What if I don’t like them though?  Are you ever in a situation that says, “The Hell with the rules”?  I am.

How many rules have you broken?  I know, you can’t count; I can’t either.

As a teenager – probably even years before – the word “rebel” comes to mind.  Relate? My mother wanted me to be Princess Di and she got Court Jester Dee; just to my liking.  What makes children rebel against their parents, society, rules?  Why do we skirt the rules to make our path our path, as opposed to someone else’s?  Individuality?  Testing?

Some of you probably were poster children for “perfect.”  You may have missed out on multiple fun times, but then again, you probably missed out on “grounded” for the weekend, “privileges” taken away, or demerits at school. Not to worry, I got all the above for you and others.  I tested my parents – until both died! – and I’m surprised I didn’t send them to an early grave.  But I also know others who wish that they’d just once gone against the rules.

Breaking rules comes in degrees: coming in later than curfew, taking longer than an allotted time for lunch, cheating – myriad avenues for this one, standing out in a crowd, and the list goes on.  We set our own rules too.  Rules to keep us in check with ourselves: dress, manners, trust, values, respect for self and others, etc.  

The personal rule book is unlike a sports’ rule book where everyone on the team plays by the same rules; ours is our own play book and we continue to bend, test and possibly break our daily guide.  It’s not a bad thing.  It’s just life.

I was tired of  following the strict guidelines and rules in my house when I was growing up.  It’s also amazing to me that as an adult I set the same standards, sometimes harsher than before, for myself.  I want to invoke a character of trust; therefore, reward; serving the Universe by my rules and loving them.  Our rules make up who we are.  As long as they don’t hamper or hurt others on our journey, then we’re set to go and grow.

Break a few authoritative rules just for fun.  See what happens.  Maybe you’ll see that the risk also helps you stretch and grow.  It may also set a new standard for your household, company, community, civic organization, church or synagogue, or personal best.  Or it may just be an adventure you can share.

Have fun.

Happy Sunday.


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