How often do I ask myself, “Why is this happening to me?” “Why?”  Ever do that?  I know you have.

I’m asking myself the same damn question I’ve asked myself too many times, “Why doesn’t the Universe answer my pleas of help, guidance, abundance and love?”  It’s a repeated record and I’m sick of it.  But, it’s not that I haven’t been sick of it before.  “Why do I keep going down the same path when I know that it’s not going to be the rewarding one I need and want?”  Maybe the financial stress and personal trauma fit me like a pair a tennis shoes, or maybe I just allow them to tag along without my permission because I can’t get rid of them.  Why don’t I just kiss them goodbye?  Why?  It’s not as though they were tatooed to my brain or velcroed to my resume, is it?  No.

I’m too bright to fail.  I’m too optimistic to fail.  I’m too ornery to fail; and yet.  Where do I go from here?  What’s the first step? I need a sponsor.  I presume that sponsor is me. 

In yesterday’s International Herald Tribune, Nicholas Kristof wrote an article: “Triumph of a Dreamer.”  Tererai was a bride at 11 – sold off by her father – in Zimbabwe and yet she dreamed of studying abroad and getting a PhD even though she dropped out of school to get married.  She found a sponsor, she moved to Oklahoma, she excelled in University, kicked her abusive husband back to Zimbabwe and became Dr. Tererai.  Yes, her life and mine are so completely different, and yet her dream, her persistence, her verve and drive were always written on every mirror, every wall, every face, every piece of paper and they became her cheering section, family and reward.  I salute her. 

Where I go once I get back to the States next week is all up to me.  I don’t have a dream as vivid or exact as Tererai’s, I only want to be an accomplished adult with money in the bank, a house that’s a home, friends and love surrounding me, and more travels in the future.  My motto: “The World Needs To See Me.”  I have that dream to get out of the country once a year, if not more.  Now I  must strive to find the people to help me attain that goal both professionally and personally.  I’ll start asking for help, start asking for advice, start getting out of my cocoon, and start walking a different path.  Why?  Because it’s tiresome to keep doing the same damn thing.

What about your goals and dreams?  If you haven’t attain them, ask why?  I’m hoping together we can find the answers.

Enjoy the day and go to my website to sign-up for my December Presentation Skills webinar.  Why?  The three-series will help perfect the art of your speaking skills; I guarantee it.

Happy Wednesday.

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