“Control freak!” Financial control. Personal control. “S/he’s too controlling.”   What is that we actually control?  How often do we get “out of control”?  Who’s the one to make the control benchmark?  How often do you let something that’s not in your control, control your mood, temper, decision or attitude? Daily?  Once in a while?  Seldom?  Never? 

We’ve all made decisions that control our future: personal and professional. We’ve all let circumstances not in our control – weather, other people, government, family, friends, clients, prospects, the tv, news, etc –  make us crazy.  How we react to every aspect of our lives  is in our control.  How we lend our strength and weaknesses is also in our control.  What we can’t control is others.

I’m in Ubud, Bali as I write.  It was a long, arduous and heart-rendering decision to come.  Why?  Financial. I’d hoped for a client’s contract to come through before I left; it didn’t.  I’m waiting for another to come through starting in December; I don’t have any idea – it’s out of my hands, out of my control.  What I control is how I deal with the disappointment, what I do with my life and how I make decisions.  I’m here, not at home thinking about my future in my small office and hoping that Nirvana will knock on my door with a winning lottery ticket.  (I keep hoping!)  Or, I could be here with friends in a beautiful, spiritual and cleansing place dealing with the same issues, only 15,000 miles away. What do I control?  My feelings and actions.

Fear is guiding some of my decisions, but fear is only a ghost of angst that sits in my right brain and tinkers with my feelings.  I can control those feelings – sometimes.  I can tell that the 100 percent Dee isn’t here because the professional world’s decisions are not in my control frame.  Damn it!  I can enjoy myself here, relax and live for two weeks before reality takes my hand and leads me into 2010, or I can brood and carry angst and fear on my shoulders.  I’ve decided that the serenity of this place soothe my heart and my head; it’s medicinal. 

Right now I’m marketing through other Social Media outlets for a webinar in early December; nothing, nada, zero, nary a response.  Why?  I can’t control  other’s needs or financial line items.  All I can do is keep marketing – never give up – and hope that tomorrow brings a rainbow of attendees so my bank account will lighten up with Christmas-like ecstasy.  I’ll let you know.

Take control under control.  Keep your wits about you and let the Universe know that you can and will do whatever it takes to make the best you there is.  I’m here in Bali, not in Denver, and I have control over what I do during the day, whom I connect with through Social Mediums, how often I worry, how often I energize my positive cells.  It’s all up to me, no one else.  No one else can control how I feel and what I think.  Someone may have control of some of my actions, but for the most part it’s all in the mind; the mind rules the control button.  Switch it on; I am!

Happy Tuesday – in Bali – Monday in the States and elsewhere.

Pass this along for me.  Let the world know I’m here! 😉





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