What Are You Waiting For?

How do you visualize the next year or two?  Same old, same old?  Do you envision something spectacular or just humdrum day in and day out?  What’s keeping you from attaining another goal(s)?  What’s keeping you from laying the ground work for a brilliant tomorrow?  You!

I’m the one who’s holding me down.  I’m the one who’s making good, poor, non-decisions about what my life looks and will look like. What about you?  Are you waiting for your manager to retire so you can breathe?  Are you waiting for the kids to finish school so you can travel?  Are you waiting for the kids to get out of the house before you take the next steps to independence?  Are you waiting, waiting, waiting, thinking that your idea, plan or dream is intangible? What’s your excuse?  How do you spend your time during the day?  How many steps do you take to fly?

I’m in a quandary; something new.  I talk a good game and yet I find myself not walking my talk.  Does this ever happen to you?  Do you ever know that you’re not being true to you and your future, and yet?  With brains and brawn we can conquer anything and everything that the world throws at us, plus pave new paths for others to follow.  What are you waiting for?  What am I waiting for?

A friend said that reality isn’t his reality.  He can’t possibly be in this situation at his age:  cash-flow non-flow, waning interest in his job, marital disparity, and questions about this afternoon as well as tomorrow.  “I’m still waiting for the Calvary to come to ’save’ me from myself.”  Where is that ubiquitous Calvary?  Who’s heading it up and what charge will they take on next?  Only we know – we are our own Calvary.  We take charge and charge toward everyday situations the best way we know how.  Sometimes though we wait for someone else to make a decision that either makes or breaks our Calvary charge.

Are you scared?  I am.  It’s the ghost of my parents’ prophecy past, the ghost of my personal prophecy present, and the ghost of whateverIwant future.  What’s holding me back?  What’s this imaginary fear doing holding my hand and leading me down a destructable or limited path? I know I have the courage and the strength to let go of its hand and forge ahead down a limitless, profitable, abundant, successful and happy life.  What am I waiting for?  If only I knew.

Go. Go now.  Start right this minute drawing your storyboard for 2010.  Create the vision and the reality for a dream and goal to be real.  Meet the detours head on and flourish. Release the chains of fear and the unknown, and fly. 

What are you waiting for?  I’m turning the corner and I want to see you there. 

“You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream.”

C.S. Lewis

Happy Tuesday.


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