Traffic Lights

Red:  stop!  Yellow: slow down before you have to stop.  Green:  Sail through with glee.

How many projects at work and in life revolve around the traffic-light principle?  I know that the yellow light is the most precarious.  Do I slow down?  Do I race through it?  Do I curse the  people/person in front of me who did slow down; therefore, I have to stop?  What do your thoughts tell you to do?  How often have you obeyed the yellow-light law?  Most of us race through life like we’re chasing a bandit and yet we don’t know where s/he is. 

I am on yellow-light mode today.  I’m slowing down to make a concerted effort to make the “right” decision.  If I go through that yellow or red light with nary a concern for others at the green light corner or pedestrians with the right-of-way walk sign then I’m just ego driven.  If I obey the law – I don’t know anyone who’s 100 percent on this – then I feel that sixty to ninety seconds have hampered my whole day.  It’s a minute plus! Today though, those minutes are going to be with the City/County of Denver and I’ll let them be driven by the computer switch, not my I’m-in-such-a-hurry-that-a-minute-will-change-my-day thought pattern.  

Do I? Don’t I?  What are the repercussions of racing through that yellow light?  the red light?  What decisions have I made that I know needed more time to persue?  What actions have I taken that caused a “wreck” in either my life or someone else’s?  I’ll never know.  I don’t stop to count.   Do you?

 I’m making the decision to take the yellow-light road and slow down, contemplate the results of my actions for both you and me, to take responsibility for my thoughts and actions, and realize that maybe I’m not in control of all that happens.  Are you in control of all the decisions you make?  How often do you realize that we swear, sweat and fret over things that are not in our control?  I know that I calm down when I realize that the red light is there for a reason and I’m not in control of its timing. 

Your plane is delayed.  Do you get ugly and scream at an innocent gate agent?  Does s/he have control of the air, the weather, the mechanical failure?  No, and yet we get huffy.  What good does it do for either you or others?  None!  How about that person in front of you who doesn’t slide into the middle of the intersection during a green light so you know you too will be able to get through it? Slow down, understand, breathe, and take control of your life, thoughts and actions.   What control do you take over your life?  When you understand then you have a green-light life and gleefully go through your day, week, month, year.  It’s amazing how much easier it is for us when we settle down, take adult – not necessarily mature! – actions.  (This whole “mature” routine to me is highly over-rated!)

If everyone thought and acted the same way you do, the world would be a boring place. No offense, but diversity is the green-light of life.  You don’t think or act like me, and I don’t think or act like you:  Good for both of us.  Relish in a traffic-light world: slow down even when you don’t have to, stop and stay put when you need to, and then gleefully soar through the day when all is green and go.

Happy Thursday.


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