A Smile To My Face

What made you smile today or yesterday?  Have you smiled today?  If not – why? If so, what made you happier?

Up the street, three houses have blow-up “dolls.”  They start with Halloween – ghost, spider, pumpkin, witch.  Now they’ve changed to a Thanksgiving theme: scarecrow, turkey, cornucopia.  They always bring a smile to my face when I drive by: the colors, the messages, the characters all say, “Enjoy life.”   They bring out the child in all of us and that’s always a good thing.

Yesterday one of my clients e-mailed me some questions about the salutation and sign-off of his business e-mails.  I answered with good tools and tips and business information, until the end. As I wrote examples of how to end his e-mails/letters, I also recommended he write, “This is so not worth my time,” and sign it.   He wrote back, “Thank you for helping change my mood this morning and making me smile.”  His response extended the smile chain!

Have you given someone or yourself a reason to smile today?  How many hours go by until we connect with our funny bone or our inner child and smile or laugh?  I think it’s too many.  How many?  I don’t know.

Every waking hour of every day deserves a smile and/or a laugh.  Statistics tell us that adults keep their inner child quarantined through a work week.  Children laugh up to 450 times a day, an adult only 15 – on a good day.  Now, I’m not proposing you laugh 400 more times today, but I would recommend that you re-lease your sense of humor and your smile muscles.

Yesterday I received a phone call from someone I don’t know – I didn’t recognize the caller ID – and she asked, “Is this Queen of the World?”  I laughed, “Yes.”  On a membership application for a woman’s association one of the questions asked:  “What is Your Title?”  I put, “Queen of the World.”  I didn’t even think about the ramifications, I just don’t have a title being a sole proprietor; “Queen…” felt right.  Well, it obviously made this woman smile, laugh, and pick up the phone.  From that initial phone call I got two more calls from women I don’t know asking if I’d volunteer on a fundraiser in Denver.  Naturally, I said, “Yes.”  You never know.

Make a goal today to help ease someone else’s day.  Make them smile, laugh or both.  It’ll help your day as well. We all love to laugh.  Don’t you?  Absolutely.

Go on a scavenger hunt for fun, even silly, today and release some of that stress and tension that builds up hourly.  Laughter helps your digestive system, erases wrinkles, extends your life, obliterates your foibles, pays your mortgage,  and enhances your sex life…we can only hope!  Whatever else it does, it definitely makes our lives more engaging.

Find that smile, pass it along.  Make a fool of yourself and have others watch; self-deprecating humor is a winning lottery ticket…that’s pay your mortgage!

Enjoy your day, and smile; I do.

Happy Wednesday.



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