What Are You Worth?

Friends, acquaintances and strangers younger than you are making more money than you;  the same with others your age or older.  Why?  Why too, do some people choose to work for a cause knowing that they’ll get half the money they’re worth?  What are you worth and to whom?  Do you know? Are you making the money that you deserve?  If so, bravo; if not, then the time is now.

Money, salaries, compensation, commission, retainers, sales, they’re all what we strive for, daily.  No matter what industry, company, corporation, association, non-profit or micro business you make yours, you’ll be compensated to the degree that someone else thinks you’re worth. In this economy some businesses still are thriving as are their employees, in other businesses the lure of optimism and success have fallen into quicksand.  Why?  I can’t answer.

I know that multi-year employees are getting laid off and forced to think about a new job or career – not that they planned this – and anguish over where to look and what to ask for.   Some upper-level managers who had “good” jobs are now working for 1/3 of what they were making before.  Do you ask for what you’re worth?  Do you think, “I’ll take anything right now”; therefore, you go to work for a company that doesn’t value you, your talents, your knowledge?

Several good friends whom I’ve known all my life are teetering on disgust.  They never considered they’d be in a position of what bill to pay, or even, could they pay them.  Other friends are in the lap of luxury because they planned for this;  their company’s bottom line, though squeezed hasn’t deteriorated; or they re-designed their focus and kept forging ahead.

We’re all bright.  We have intellectual property that’s worth an undisclosed amount to someone; it’s just finding out who that someone is and is s/he  willing to reward our knowledge.   Time.  Research. Knowing. Self-confidence. What will it take to find that niche that values you?   Does fear wrap itself around your heart and head and keep you from seeking and asking for what you’re worth?  Do you believe enough in yourself to say, “no thank you,” even when it could be the “only” opportunity that one day?  It’s a hard decision.

I’m in that decision process right now.  What do I do?  Whom do I call to ask for what I’m worth?  I’m at a crossroads and in a quandary.  Wow, two good challenges all in one morning; how lucky can a woman be?  I’m doing projects that I know will keep me floating like that oil drop on the water, and yet, I also know that I don’t want to just float, I want to soar.

Today’s a new week and a new month.  I’ll take your hand – you take mine- and we’ll walk this path together.  We’ll acknowledge our worth and then allow others to understand it; therefore, say “yes” to our demands.  The world needs us, we have to let it know that.

I’m worth more than I’m getting and I have to acknowledge that at the moment, yet understand it’s only temporary and then the worth will take charge and I’ll be unstoppable.  What about you?  Settle for only the best; you’re worth it.  Believe in yourself and others will feel that belief.

Here’s to us.

Happy Monday and November.



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