Happy Halloween! BOO!  For those of you overseas who do not celebrate Halloween, Happy Saturday!

What happens when you don’t feel like celebrating other’s celebrations?  What happens when you play the “bah humbug” of ghouls, goblins and ghosts?  I so want to get in the “spirit,” but it just doesn’t come to me.  Does this mean I’m old, cranky and uninvolved?  Not necessarily.

I keep thinking with all my fun “dress-up” paraphernalia I have collected over the years for my keynote or just to be “funny.” I could easily collect them on my person this evening:  a pink, short-hair or a long, straight black hair wig?  my clown nose is almost a given? my funky, change-the-way-you-look glasses with already made up eyes?  My outrageous boa?  I could just pile all of these on when  my doorbell rings and get in the spirit?  But…will I?  Just thinking about it makes it come alive.

Well, I want to be in the spirit, the same way I want to get in the Christmas spirit, but I guess after years of non-spirit, I may stay “humbugged.”  Do you think  I can buy celebration at Walgreens or Target, maybe from my next door neighbor, maybe from a scary movie on television?  If I can’t get it from within, then I can’t find it around the corner or in some retail aisle.

What gives us the spirit?  What gets us jazzed about any event, be it a birthday party, an anniversary, a graduation, a new car, a 10-lb weight loss, or a new client/job or a national holiday?  I’m thinking complete involvement and company:  Involved with the celebration, involved with family, children, friends,or co-workers make the difference.  Tonight I haven’t borrowed family, friends or children, and I still get a tug-of-celebration…1

I have the “costume,” and I purchased the candy –  I even tasted some of the peanut M&Ms it to make certain they weren’t poisoned or past the non-caloric date.I usually stay away from them because I love ’em!  Next year  I promise myself to buy candy that won’t tempt my palate, nor lure my self-discipline away.  But, that’s a whole 364 days away.

My bat earrings, my “boo” orange socks and my half-scowl on my face seem to put others in the mood, so I guess I’ll celebrate with the rest of them.  This morning at the grocery store I saw adults – real adults – wearing fun, funky, crazy costumes; they’re definitely in the spirit.  Maybe I’ll buy some of their enthusiasm as the day progresses! 

Are you in the spirit?  Will you be in the spirit for the next celebration of life and holidays?  I hope so. When you do get the spirit, send some my way!





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