You Never Know!

Marianne was a client for almost a year; we only met face-to-face twice.  Coaching is an intimate working relationship; you learn about the real person, not just the face who shows up.  It’s also a weekly commitment for both the client and coach.  Marianne and I liked to spend an hour or so on Sunday afternoons.

I learn tidbits about myself every time I coach a client, get in front of an audience, and even conduct a webinar.  I learn patience, understanding, humility and above all graciousness.  We are all battered individuals walking around hoping to figure out who we are, why this or that happened or is happening to us, what to do, whom we can trust, and what the future holds.  No one has the answers; I’ve been searching for decades.  There are times when I’m more vulnerable than my clients, and I need to be strong for them; they need me, and I need them.

After any close connection with another we give and take.  We also remember what we gained, or lost, during the relationship and how valuable the lessons were or still are as we continue our journey.  Every chance meeting, every stranger we sit next to on an airplane, on a bus, in a seminar, at Starbucks, or even riding up in an elevator has the power to change our lives and vice versa.  It’s a wonderful adventure – daily.

Are you open to the possibilities?  Are you prepared to open up and be who you really are in order to attract the right people into your lives?  I hope I am; I hope I offer “open” to most of the people I meet.  As the saying goes, the world’s a small place.

My brother told me to look up a friend of his who lives in Vail.  George and I had lunch and I found out he lived next door to my good friend and high school buddy, Sally.  Small world!  I know you’ve had that happen; you just never know.

Marianne touched my life.  She was going through a difficult time when we met last year and her brother, whom I’d worked with for three years, referred her to me.  She and I got along from the start and bonded weekly.  I do know that I helped her through those dark days and weeks; I heard it in her voice.  When we last spoke – about a month ago- she was excited about work, life and tomorrow.  It made me feel so good for her that her power-self had come to soar and she was going out, meeting new people, enjoying friends and relatives, and looking forward to her life.

Yesterday I received notice that Marianne died suddenly and unexpectedly a week ago, she was only 48.  You never know.

Allow your emotions the freedom of expression.  Tell people you love them.  Hug a friend.  Hug yourself.  Life and people are precious.   You just never know when you’ll either meet someone who’ll change your life, or you’ll meet someone who will leave your life unexpectedly.

Bless you Marianne, you will be missed.  I love you.

Happy Thursday.


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