My computer – that appendage that keeps on keeping on – has to get a face lift and boob job and she will be “under the knife” for four-five hours. I’m lost as to how to plan my day without my computer. Now, that’s sad.  Yet, I do know that I’m at the bottom of the “addicted” users’ totem pole .

I use my mobile once every so often. I don’t own a Blackberry, iPod, or iPhone.  I don’t even text message.  Okay, so this puts me in a you-are-so-out-of it category: that’s me.  That is also why I’m at a loss as to how to put those fine constructive four-five hours to good use; to help me become a better trainer or update my brain, as long as I can read about it and write long-hand notes! Wow, this is…stupid…or is it so right on? 

Before these “monsters” took over our lives, we used to read, talk to each other, write long hand, research on Encyclopedias and use dictionaries.  Not now.  We’re so advanced that we can’t even speak as fast as we can text message.  I see young adults texting during classes, movies, theatre productions, riding bikes, in the shower – maybe not that dramatic, but close. We – they- are in 25-hour-a-day connection; sleeping with their phones.

For four or five hours I bet I can find someone whose words on the written page will advance my knowledge about writing, speaking, communicating, leading or current events.  What’s the draw to instant communication?  It’s like a syringe in our arm and when we don’t get enough of a “fix,” we melt into a downward spiral.  Interesting, to say the least.

I’ll survive.  I can make it for days without looking at e-mail when I choose that action, but when someone else “forces” the issue….  My four-year-old computer can’t spell s-l-o-w without going into hibernation mode, not-responding mode, or not-this-time mode.  This cocaine of knowledge machine wakes up with a hangover and needs a minimum of :15 to recognize and comprehend internet explorer.  She’s in bad shape and rehab and surgery will just be the first health care prescription.   (I just hope she gets through surgery and I can welcome her home with flying fingers and eager anticipation as I gleefully sign-in to my webpage to find out  who needed me, wanted me, said “hello,” forwarded profound pieces of minutia, or just asked me to buy .)

So, off I go to the library – neat! – to research some factoids on leadership and writing.  You’d think after 17 years I’d know something about the subject I teach, but then again, others know more than I; I welcome their knowledge!   Four hours, and I can breathe, not check e-mail every twenty-three seconds and enjoy a half-day with the freedom of information not on the internet.  I love it. 

Am I lost? Or am I found?

Happy Monday.



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