What’s Behind You?

When it snows I reluctantly get to scrape and brush the snow and ice off my car.  It takes a minimal amount of time in the big picture, and a certain amount of energy.  It’s the price I pay for parking my chariot outside; no garage!   Now, when I scrape andbrush I obviously want all my windows clear:  front, side and rear.  I want to have a complete view of where I’m going, who and what’s in front of, beside, and behind me, don’t you?

Why is it that some people who obviously have no garage either and need to drive their car, purposely leave snow on their rear window, if not several windows?  Now don’t you think that having a full rear view is helpful if  for no other reason than safety?  I do.  That blocked view curtails their advantage and increases the possibility of  an accident.

Imagine if your life were only lived with 180 degree vision, and a slight glimpse of what’s behind you?  Your life is lived forward, yes, and it’s also an image of what came from behind.  Do you wear blinders when you leave the house?  Do you ever have to reflect on a situation, person, experience, emotion or vision in order to move forward with better understanding?  I do.  I want 360 degrees of  accessibility and vision  in my personal and professional world even if I use only 300, or 260.  I have the option; it’s my choice.

When we look behind us we see a trail either forged with ease, or trampled with learning and mistakes.  No matter what’s behind you, it’s a vision that you need to keep in perspective and gain from it.  I don’t know why it irritates me when drivers keep the snow on their car and only use their wipers to clear enough space to see the road ahead or just scrape off half of the car.  I find it telling of the person and his/her view of life; why bother?  To me it says that these people get by using a minimum amount of energy; they’re lazy.

Time is a commodity and one to be used wisely.  Clearing the way for your future includes the small steps of giving yourself access to all that’s available.

Take the extra time to clear your vision on all sides.  It will help, not hinder your progress.

Happy Friday; enjoy the weekend.



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